Rock the City: A Midnight Fate Novel

Rock the City: A Midnight Fate Novel by Gia Riley Read Free Book Online

Book: Rock the City: A Midnight Fate Novel by Gia Riley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gia Riley
Tags: Rock the City
    “I’ve got you.” I turn her back around so she’s facing the sink, wanting her back in the same position she was in when I walked in on her a minute ago. “Bend over, baby.”
    She listens, only this time, she doesn’t touch herself. She waits for me to take care of her.
    My warm touch on her cool skin makes her shiver as my fingertips trail a path from her neck all the way down her back. Instead of reaching around to her front, I grab a handful of her ass before moving lower. With one and then two fingers, I dip inside her just as her hips buck against me. “Jesus, Lane.”
    Pulling my fingers back out, I rub small circles around her swollen clit. When she groans and pushes up on her toes, raising her ass higher in the air, I know she needs more, so while I work her clit, two fingers go back inside her, pumping in and out.
    She lifts her cheek from the marble as her stomach muscles clench. “Lane, please don’t stop,” she begs as she tries to dig her nails into solid marble.
    Inching even higher on her toes, her body greedily takes every ounce of pleasure it can find until her forehead falls against the counter, her sated body sagging against the marble. My arms stay wrapped around her until she can open her eyes and support some of her weight again.
    “You’re really good at that,” she says, lazily. “Like, exceptionally skilled.”
    “No more hiding in the bathroom when you need me, okay? I’ll always take care of you.”
    She finally stands up and turns around, her face still heated and her makeup a little bit smeared under her eyes. “I didn’t want you thinking I was only here to screw you.”
    “The thought never once crossed my mind.”
    “Okay, because believe it or not, I’m pretty into you, drummer boy.”
    I smirk for the simple fact that, in Noelle’s language, sarcasm is love. It doesn’t stop me from giving her the reassurance I want her to have. “Nobody else has ever come close to you, Noelle. You’re the only one I want.”
    “I guess that means a threesome is out of the question?”
    “Jesus, baby. If ropes get you this horned up, I’m going to start leaving them lying all over the condo.”
    “That’s fine with me as long as you’re naked doing whatever it is you do with them while I watch.”
    “I’ll show you sometime, but right now, we have to finish getting ready before I’m late.”
    “I like being late,” she whispers against my lips before she kisses me again.
    I’m so fucked.

The crowd in the area has been going insane for Midnight Fate for the last hour and a half. I knew they only gained in popularity the longer they’ve been back on the scene, but this is so much more than what I was expecting. The groupie in me is begging to be unleashed from the confines of the luxury box the guys insisted we stay in, but what fun is a concert if you’re so far away all you can do is watch them on the big screens surrounding the stage? I don’t want to watch sweat fall on TV; I want to watch it hit the stage from two feet away.
    “How pissed do you think Lane would be if I ventured out there for a little while?”
    “I’m pretty sure he’d lose his shit,” Gina says as she sips her beer. Lark nods in agreement, her ass stuck so firmly to her chair she’d never go explore with me.
    “The way I see it, what he doesn’t know won’t hurt him.”
    They both laugh like that was the stupidest thing I could have ever said. Gina leans closer, whispering in my ear, “Those big dudes by the door aren’t here for decoration. They’re here to make sure we stay in here and everyone else stays out. They’ll rat you out so fast, you’ll never see it coming. Trust me, I’ve tried to escape.”
    “She’s telling you the truth, Noelle. If you want to enjoy the rest of your time in New York, I’d keep your rump in the chair.”
    I hear their warnings loud and clear, but the longer I sit here, the more drawn to the

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