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Book: ROMANCE: THE SHEIKH'S GAMES: A Sheikh Romance by Kylie Knight Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kylie Knight
for that. I want you, and not just for tonight,” he told her. “Would you mind greatly if I spent the night?”
    “You want to…” she began, but no further words came.
    “I want to,” he said and smiled. “Let me show you just how much you have gotten to me,” he told her as he leaned over and beckoned for a kiss. She kept her eyes open, watching him as they did, hardly believing any of it was real.
    But she couldn’t deny she loved his idea, even if when he awakened in the morning, he wouldn’t still feel the same way. She began to wonder how it would affect her working relationship if he didn’t turn up afterwards, and she started to concoct a reason to give her partners…
    She was getting carried away in thought until she felt his fingers exploring her insides and thumbing her erection, and suddenly she was bungeed back to reality. She looked into his eyes, and all doubt vanished, and everything else became irrelevant, as she willingly submitted to the very man she had set out to punish. So soon had the tides turned, and now she was the victim of her own mad crusade. But his punishment was something she yearned for, and as the night prolonged, he made her his prisoner, and she happily accepted his version of life without parole.

    “How’s the case coming along?” Ahmad asked Jameela the following week. Before his interruption, she had been reminiscing about a conversation she had had with Al-Hafeez in the morning. He had been at her apartment almost every night, until now she was not so clear on the distinction between work and romance.
    “No new developments. The DA is trying to make a case, but she doesn’t have anything more than superficial connections,” she responded as she snapped back into work mode.
    “That’s good. I knew this wouldn’t amount to much. I mean, who would believe criminality could ever exist within that family? It’s preposterous.”
    “No one is exempt from pervading evil,” Jameela corrected. “We all have our demons.”
    “That almost sounded as if it came from experience,” Ahmad replied and smiled at her, a rare occurrence.
    “Perhaps,” she replied, but she volunteered nothing further. “In any case, I can only anticipate that the charges will be dropped and everything will return to normalcy soon.”
    “Good for you. Then you won’t have him in your hair for much longer. I know how much you didn’t want it to begin with.”
    “It wasn’t that bad,” Jameela said and looked away. “It’s not like we had to move in or anything.”
    “Not quite. Anyway, let me know how it ends. It really does wonders having the Ramadans as our clients,” he said and walked out, almost running into the man as he did. “Hello Sheikh Ramadan,” he smiled and then disappeared
    Al-Hafeez smiled and looked back at the man and smiled at her. “I wonder if he knows how much wonders it is doing for me.”
    “Al-Hafeez,” she shrieked and looked around her to determine if he had been overheard. “What are you doing here?”
    “I thought since my lawyer works here that it would be alright if I popped in and asked her out for a business lunch,” he said and smiled. “I have a feeling she wouldn’t say no so I already made reservations.” He had a look of self pride when he concluded that amused her. She was surprised that the same arrogance she had despised a few weeks ago was now replaced by a fluttering heartbeat at what she now perceived as sexy.
    “You had a feeling she wouldn’t say no, or you didn’t plan on taking no for an answer?” she asked and rested her chin on her cupped hands.
    He paused for a second, his eyes looking upwards, and then returned to her with a gleam that penetrated her. “What’s the difference?” he asked and laughed. “So, can you leave now?”
    Jameela was beaming by this, and in that instant she saw Selena in the background, making faces and pointing her finger at Al-Hafeez. Then she wagged at her knowingly, and slipped

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