Ruby Reinvented

Ruby Reinvented by Ronni Arno Read Free Book Online

Book: Ruby Reinvented by Ronni Arno Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ronni Arno
my new life here.
    â€œYou’re just in time for lunch, Bea,” Mrs. Kearney says when she sees us. “I’ll take you over to the cafeteria when you’re ready.”
    I walk Ellie to the main office, and out onto the front lawn. The limo’s parked just down the road, and I look around to be sure nobody’s watching. When I’m sure we’re alone, I give her another giant hug.
    â€œI’m going to miss you, Ellie.” I feel tears bubbling up, and I squeeze my eyes tight shut to keep them from flowing out.
    â€œOh, Bea.” Ellie kisses my forehead. “I will miss you so very much.”
    We stand there hugging for a few more seconds, and then she takes my shoulders and looks right in my eyes.
    â€œBea, you are a beautiful person. You just be yourself and you will be very happy here.”
    I nod and wipe a tear away with the back of my hand. Ellie hugs me again, and then shuffles off to the limo.
    I blink a few times, take a deep breath, and reapply my lip gloss before going back to Mrs. Kearney’s office, where she’s waiting to take me to lunch. I know I should be hungry, but Ican’t help feeling a little sad. Even though I’m exactly where I want to be, it was hard to see Ellie go. Harder even than leaving my parents. Ellie’s been with me forever, and suddenly my stomach feels empty, and not because it’s lunchtime.
    I follow Mrs. Kearney to the cafeteria. It actually smells pretty good, and as we get closer, my stomach growls a little. Summer spots us and waves me over.
    â€œHey!” She gives me a hug. “They told me you’d be starting today.” Summer’s wearing black leggings under a pink polka-dotted skirt. Her striped sweater has every color in the rainbow on it except pink. And, just like on Friday, her socks don’t match.
    â€œI hope you don’t mind,” I say. “I decorated my side of the room a little.”
    â€œThat’s super awesome.” Summer pulls me to the end of the cafeteria line. “I was sick of looking at a half-empty room.”
    I smile. Summer hands me a tray and picks a bean burrito for herself. The pizza looks especially cheesy, but since Summer’s getting the burrito, I get the burrito too. I’m just about to get a soda, but Summer chooses water. I look around. Maybe kids here don’t drink soda. Just in case, I get the water. At least Mom would be happy that I made a healthier choice.
    I follow Summer to a circular table with six chairs. She takes one, and I take the seat next to her. Even before I can sit down, the most glamorous girl I’ve seen yet at MidcoastAcademy slams her tray on the table and sits down on the opposite side of Summer. She stretches her legs out onto the empty chair next to her, showing off skinny jeans that fall straight into a pair of black knee-high leather boots. The boots are expensive, but they don’t say anything about the girl wearing them, except that she spent a lot of money.
    â€œCan you believe Mrs. Turner? That assignment is the worst .”
    Summer shrugs. “It’s not that bad.”
    â€œAre you kidding me,” the girl says. “I’ll never get it done on time.” She looks like she’s about to say something else when she notices me.
    â€œOh, hi.” She flashes me a smile, but it’s one of those closed-mouth smiles that don’t show her teeth. She’s wearing very shiny lip gloss, so it looks like her lips are glued together.
    â€œHi.” I smile back.
    â€œCassandra, this is Bea. Bea, this is Cassandra.” Summer takes a sip of water.
    â€œIs this the new girl?” Cassandra asks Summer, as if I’m invisible or something.
    Summer takes a huge bite of burrito and nods.
    â€œCool,” Cassandra says. “You look familiar.”
    â€œI do?” I look down at my plate. My parents do a pretty good job of shielding me from the paparazzi, but every once in a

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