Rude Awakening

Rude Awakening by Sam Crescent, Natalie Dae Read Free Book Online

Book: Rude Awakening by Sam Crescent, Natalie Dae Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sam Crescent, Natalie Dae
Tags: Extratorrents, Kat, C429
straightening her shoulders. “Bloody brilliant. Here’s to tomorrow, the first day of my new life.”

Chapter Four

    Ruby couldn’t believe she was about to go shopping with a complete stranger—couldn’t believe she was staying in his house, either. He sat opposite her in his kitchen sipping his morning coffee. The posh man had Italian blended coffee beans, which had to be ground and then filtered. Aromatic coffee scent surrounded them, and Ruby found the smell pleasant but the taste foul. Maybe it was her council roots, but she’d be happy with supermarket home-brand instant—a bitter taste but decent on the pocket.
    “Could you pass the butter, please?” he asked.
    Butter? What happened to good old-style margarine? Ruby knew deep down she was way out of her depth. She’d thought Master was upper class and posh, but this man really had it all about him. Even in the way he sat—his back straight, not slouched as he gazed down at the newspaper. Charm, confidence and sexual masculinity oozed from every move, pore and presence.
    Yep, out of her depth.
    “Which pot would that be?” From where she came from, marg was taken straight from the tub, no faff of transferring it from a perfectly reasonable tub to a pot because it looked pretty. Seriously, who had the time?
    Harry chuckled, leaned over and took a weird-looking thing with a lid, which he lifted to reveal the slab of rich butter.
    So now she knew the weird-looking pot with a lid now contained butter.
    “You can eat anything you like,” he said. “It looks like you could use more meat on your bones.”
    Was he taking the piss? She was fat all over. Master had monitored her eating habits. The bastard had even put chains on the fridge and cupboards so she couldn’t snack while he was out. He’d fed and clothed her…and controlled every little way of her life. She raised her hand to her neck to touch the collar that had contained her for so long, only to find a bare expanse of neck. Master kept all the keys to her freedom on a little chain at his waist—the one to her collar just another to keep her with him.
    “The coffee will do,” she said, not willing to risk another pound to her weight.
    “This isn’t something your Master was teaching you, was he? You do realise you’re underweight? You look pale and fragile and really need some food.”
    Each one of his words sounded like the truth, but years of constant verbal and mental abuse from the man who claimed to love her had filled her with self-doubt. She’d been taken over, had insecurity ingrained inside her from his brainwashing.
    “He did, didn’t he? Another one of his little control games?” Harry asked gently.
    Ruby watched him fist the newspaper and she flinched. After so many times of watching hands fist in the same way, only to be struck moments later…it was all still so clear in her mind.
    He cursed. Ruby gazed at him in wonder—the curse so shocking it took her out of her fear and instantly brought on surprise. She hadn’t expected to hear a word like that from him. He got up from his seat, placing his paper down on the table, and went to his knees in front of her. She refused to back away from him. He wouldn’t hurt her. Despite knowing that on a subconscious level, she kept chanting calming words inside her head—force of habit. Sweat beaded on her forehead—why, when she wasn’t scared, she didn’t know—and she tried to keep her shaking hands contained in her lap.
    Ruby expected him to touch her, lash out at her. Instead, he looked at her. He saw right through her, she was sure of it, past the waves of insecurity and the battle she fought to be the fun-loving Ruby with him—previous name remaining a secret—to the shell of a human being she became under the hard lessons from Master.
    “You’re terrified, I can see it,” he said. “I don’t usually curse. I’m sorry if I frightened you.”
    Harry appeared deep in thought, and all Ruby wanted to do was reach out

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