Run (The Tesla Effect #2)

Run (The Tesla Effect #2) by Julie Drew Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Run (The Tesla Effect #2) by Julie Drew Read Free Book Online
Authors: Julie Drew
shrugged before turning to get a glass out of the cupboard.
    Finn smoothed both hands over his full, long curls, flattening them to his head for just a moment before they sprang back up, straight out from his head and then down toward his shoulders, golden brown and utterly unchecked. He exhaled, long and loud, through his mouth, obviously preparing himself.
    “Seriously,” said Joley, not without some alarm. “Best just to come out with it, isn’t it?”
    “Okay, in a nutshell, it seems like something happened when I jumped back in time last summer with Tes,” Finn began.
    “What do you mean? A lot of things happened when you did that.”
    “Yeah, I mean something else, something I’m—something we’re —just beginning to realize,” said Finn, indicating Bizzy with a glance. “It seems that there’s a thing called entanglement , and that when we time-travelled together, Tes and I became, um, entangled.”
    “I haven’t the faintest idea what you’re on about,” said Joley.
    “Biz, help,” Finn pleaded.
    Bizzy finished filling her glass from the tap at the sink, then turned to face them both. “Quantum physics. They’re connected—Finn and Tesla—we think. Tangled up with each other—physically, emotionally. What happens to one is felt or experienced by the other, at the same moment. If we’re right about this, they each feel what the other feels, and then of course feel their own response to that. Which the other one in turn feels. It’s pretty complicated, really. Not to mention awesome.”
    “Bloody hell—can that actually happen?” asked Joley.
    Bizzy shrugged, then took a long, maddeningly slow drink of water. “Don’t know. It’s a hypothesis.”
    “Well, bollocks.” Joley seemed, for once, nearly speechless.
    “Exactly,” said Finn.
    “And what does Tesla think? You know how she gets— ‘you’re not the boss of me’ and all that. She cannot be happy about this.”
    “She doesn’t know yet,” said Finn, and though neither Bizzy nor Joley could pinpoint exactly what had changed, some quality in Finn’s voice was decidedly different.
    “You must be joking,” said Joley. “Don’t you think she needs to know—you have to figure out how to reverse it or something, don’t you?”
    “Yeah, Joley, that does seem like a good idea,” said Finn with obvious sarcasm.
    “Well bloody get on it, man, what are you waiting for?”
    “She’s been busy.” Finn heard the glum, dejected sound of his own voice—pathetic, really—but he didn’t care.
    “But that’s…” Joley began, and then his voice took on that stern, I’m-older-than-you-not-to-mention-British quality that always heralded a lecture. “Finnegan, you have to—”
    Finn jumped in. “Look, the last time I saw her she was making out with Sam in the park. It didn’t seem like the best time to share the news that she’s, you know— quantumly entangled . With me .” He turned and abruptly left the room, offering them nothing more than a gruff, “Later,” tossed over his shoulder on the way out.
    “Well that’s…strange,” Joley said, clearly surprised by his best friend.
    “Right?” Bizzy agreed before she, too, headed off to bed.

    Tesla awoke with a start when her body jumped as if she’d fallen and couldn’t catch herself in time before she hit the ground. The house was silent around her. Max and their father were surely asleep, but she was alert, fully awake in an instant. She felt off, somehow. She hated waking up after falling asleep unexpectedly, the oddity of trying to place oneself correctly in time and space, but it was more than that. Her whole life felt off, and she was frustrated. She wanted to do something, fix it, but she wasn’t sure how. She got up and paced, walked to her dresser, swiped two dirty shirts onto the floor and picked up a book, put it back down, went to the window and looked out, but all she saw were dead leaves that blew

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