Runner: The Fringe, Book 3

Runner: The Fringe, Book 3 by Anitra Lynn McLeod Read Free Book Online

Book: Runner: The Fringe, Book 3 by Anitra Lynn McLeod Read Free Book Online
Authors: Anitra Lynn McLeod
experiment that was going horribly wrong. When he gave her his back without a word for the third meal in a row, she decided enough was enough.
    “It’s customary for you to at least say you’re welcome, even if you don’t actually mean the words.” She bent and yanked the meal into her hands. When she dropped the tray on the table, the plastic clattered against the metal, echoing in the mostly empty cell room. “For the life of me, Mr. Nash, I don’t understand why you insist on acting like such an ass. Just pretend to have some semblance of manners. By doing so, you’ll make life so much more pleasant for both of us.”
    Silently, Foster turned to face her with his brows lowered ominously. After the longest time, where she almost filled the looming silence with inane chatter, he snarled, “What is it with you?”
    Pulling back from him, no longer angry but afraid, she sat down. “I don’t know what you mean.” She placed her napkin in her lap and proceeded to eat her breakfast. She hoped he didn’t notice her shaking hands. Her small display of anger paled next to his. As much as he frightened her, he intrigued her. She found her interest in him disturbing. Never in her life had she been attracted to a man like him. Not once in her wildest dreams could she envision lusting after a man who was more physical than cerebral. What made matters worse was he was her jailer.
    “Please and thank you and you’re welcome, like this is some kind of garden party.” His azure eyes blazed. “I’m not going to let you go.”
    Dabbing her napkin to her lips, thankful for the bars between them, she softly pointed out, “I didn’t ask you to.”
    He flexed his whole body in a seductive ripple.
    Turning her gaze away, she took a bite and chewed slowly. Despite her best intentions, her gaze slowly yet inexorably returned to him.
    Primed muscles pressed to worn jeans and a hunter green T-shirt. He’d capped off his outfit with tennis shoes and a thick black belt that dangled all those weapons around his hips. Deadly, dangerous, determined. Foster Nash practically screamed, “Do not touch.”
    After making sure she had a good long look at him, he turned casually aside and murmured, “So, you’ve just calmly accepted your fate.”
    “Yes.” She shrugged and took another bite. Fighting with him wouldn’t help. Jynx saw no reason not to be civil. Besides, she enjoyed looking at him. No matter what angle, Mr. Nash was nothing but pleasant to look at.
    Nodding his head, Foster allowed a sly grin to spread slowly across his face. He bit it off with his upper teeth. “You just give up.” His tone mocked, but at least he didn’t sound angry. Not anymore. Now he sounded condescending, which was worse.
    “Why do you find that so difficult to comprehend?” She hadn’t given up; she’d just accepted that she could not escape him. Therefore, she saw no reason to waste her time and energy trying.
    “Because it isn’t normal.” He checked one of the gizmos on his belt. The device uttered a beep, flashed a green light and went inert.
    “Define normal.” For a moment, she thought he would ignore her request.
    After considering her for a moment, he returned his attention to something on his belt. “Yelling, screaming, rattling the bars, flinging expletives, fighting with me at every turn, throwing the food back in my face. That’s normal.” He seemed furious that she did not behave in such a manner.
    “And where would that get me?” Jynx toyed with her fork, trying not to stare at the prominent bulge in his jeans. She found it almost impossible not to, since he kept fiddling with his equipment.
    “Precisely. Rude, obnoxious behavior wouldn’t improve my situation. It would only serve to exhaust me further, and…” Sudden insight compelled her to finish, “Oh, yes. I see.”
    “It would make you feel better, wouldn’t it?” She dabbed her napkin to her mouth.
    “What do I care?” He

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