Runt of the Litter (Halfbreed Chronicles Book 1)

Runt of the Litter (Halfbreed Chronicles Book 1) by Isabelle Hemlock Read Free Book Online

Book: Runt of the Litter (Halfbreed Chronicles Book 1) by Isabelle Hemlock Read Free Book Online
Authors: Isabelle Hemlock

    I can’t help it, I laugh out loud, and he looks back at
me, more confused than anything else, “What’s
so funny?”

    I let my arm come back just enough to cup his jawline .  I wish I could just rub it a little, and
make him purr under my grasp.  Focus Riley, come on, “I smell your wolf.  I can even see your wolf sometimes.
 You’re not human baby.  Not by a long shot.”

    I don’t think he knows what to do with that information.
 In some ways he looks relieved, in some ways, unsure, and I try to think
of anything that could help him with whatever internal battle he’s got going
on.  I’ve never been a super fan of the Council, but in this case, they
might be able to help him out, “Avery,
what about asking for the blood test.  They do it on all the newborns, why
not have them give it to you?  That way you know for sure.”

    It’s such a simple plan, I’m surprised he hadn’t thought
of it himself earlier.  Finally, I see that beautiful smile of his again,
as he leans back into me.  If I get rewarded like this, every time I come
up with an idea, I’ll have to start reading a hell of lot more.  


Chapter. 9 -

    Maybe I’ve just been too close to the situation to really
see the almost simple solution to the questions I have: why I didn’t come into
my abilities at eighteen like my brothers, why I’m so different than them.
 Why my wolf seems to be so suppressed.  I’ve only known Riley for
two hours, and already I want to get on my knees, thank her, and worship her
(and her body).  Even now, she’s making it easy for me to feel her body
against mine.  Too easy to for me to get lost in her tender touches, and
deep kisses.  Ugh, I need to back away, and do this one
day at a time.  A huge part of me wants her in every way possible,
and I already feel like I would be willing to do whatever it takes to have her
- but then again, I feel incomparable, and unworthy.  And have no idea how
this could work.

    I need answers as to what I am from the Council, before I
look towards trying to make a future with her.  

    Even though my body begs me not to, I peel myself away and
hear her whine a little, before I lock my gaze with hers again, “Riley, I’m sorry - I got carried away

    She grins, “Carry
me anywhere, anytime babe.”

    Though I can tell she wants to lean right back into me,
she’s willing to settle for that ride home she wanted earlier.  Maybe she
doesn’t want to me feel like I don’t have any say in what happens next?
 But Riley won’t release me completely.  She keeps my fingers tangled
with hers, as I lead the way to my ride - a piece of junk bike that my brothers
put together just enough to make it functional (but not pretty).  I’d be
ashamed, but Riley doesn’t even bat an eye about it.  She climbs on the
back, holding her bouquet, and looking as gorgeous as ever.  I don’t
deserve her, I’m sure of it.  But if she really wants me, I’m not fighting
it either.

    Climbing in front of her, she wraps her arm around my
waist, and my cock twitches against my slacks, desperately hoping to reach her
hand.  I’m trying not to move, in case I somehow accidentally make her
hand travel lower.  Though maybe that’s not such a bad idea . . . “I live about three miles outside of town,
hope that’s okay.”

    I only nod my head, as I roar the bike to life, and she
leans her head against my back.  I wonder if this is what it would feel
like to hold her in bed?   To have her body close to
mine.  I try not to think about it anymore, push the desire back a

    For some reason, she wants me too, but all this romance is
giving me whiplash, and I don’t want to make myself vulnerable until I know
what her intentions are long term.  I’m not sure if my heart could take
it, if she just wanted sex.  I mean, I want that, too.  But I also
want to know what her favorite movies are, or which books she

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