Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans

Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans by Rush Limbaugh Read Free Book Online

Book: Rush Revere and the Brave Pilgrims: Time-Travel Adventures with Exceptional Americans by Rush Limbaugh Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rush Limbaugh
desks so Liberty has some running room,” I said.
    We quickly pushed the desks to the sides of the room. I climbed up onto Liberty’s saddle and invited Tommy to join me.
    “Where are we going?” Tommy asked, sounding a bit unsure.
    “The Mayflower, of course,” I said.
    “Uh, I’ve never been on a ship before,” Tommy said sheepishly.
    “Good to know,” I said. “If you feel yourself getting nauseous I have medicine for motion sickness. But I don’t want to give it to you unless you really need it.”
    Tommy said, “Let’s hope I don’t need it.”
    “Before I have you get on Liberty, I want you to watch what’s going to happen. Liberty will open a literal time portal right here in this classroom. He and I will jump through first. We’ll find you some seventeenth-century clothing and then return for you.”
    “What? You don’t think people in 1620 are wearing blue jeans, sneakers, and a T-shirt that says ‘Manchester Football’?” Tommy winked.
    I smiled back and said, “I happen to know that American football wasn’t started until 1879, so the answer would be no.”
    “We’ll be back in a flash!” Liberty said.
    Tommy looked doubtful. “So, I should just sit down and watch this? What exactly is going to happen? Is lightning involved? I mean, that’s how it happened the first time, right?”
    “It’s a bit hard to explain,” I said. “That’s why I want you to sit this one out and just watch.”
    “Can we get you anything while we’re gone? Something to snack on. A beverage, perhaps?” Liberty asked.
    Tommy plopped down at a random desk along the side of the room, grabbed his backpack, and pulled out a Snickers bar. “I’m good. I’ll just sit here and play WordSlammaJamma on my phone. Just before class I got my highest score, 126 points with the word quillback. ”
    “What’s a quillback? Some kind of porcupine?” Liberty asked.
    “No, it’s a fish. A carpsucker, actually. Pretty common in lakes on the east coast. They’re easy to spot because one ray of their dorsal fin is longer than . . . oh, sorry, sometimes my inner nerd comes out,” Tommy said, apologetically. He took a bite of his candy bar. “So, how long is this trip of yours going to take?”
    “You’d be surprised what can happen with a time-traveling horse,” I said, winking. “Let’s go, Liberty.”
    As Liberty started galloping he said, “Rush, rush, rushing to history!”
    The time portal started to open. Tommy watched as a circular pattern of gold and purple swirled in the center of the classroom and quickly expanded until it was the size of a large satellite dish. Liberty jumped through the center and disappeared. A second later the portal closed. Tommy was still chewing his first bite of Snickers when the time portal reopened and Liberty jumped back into the classroom.
    “Cool!” Tommy said as he jumped out of his seat. “That was whacked-out! The portal thingy! I saw it! There were these swirling colors and then you jumped through and vanished. That was crazy! Seriously, I saw it but I still don’t believe it. Wait, whyare you back so soon? Did you forget something?” Tommy asked, confused.
    “We’re finished. We have your clothes,” I said, pulling my traveling bag over my shoulder and tossing it on the floor near the desk Tommy was sitting at.
    “And we brought you back a freshly baked carp pie,” said Liberty.
    “You got me a what?” Tommy asked.
    “A carp pie,” Liberty clarified. “You know, like a meat pie, but with fish. You seemed so excited about the word quillback that I thought you would enjoy eating it. It looks delicious, I mean, if you’re into that sort of thing. Personally, I’m a vegetarian, but the cook seasoned it with pepper and salt and nutmeg and then baked it with raisins, lemon juice, and slices of orange peels with just a sprinkle of vinegar, and voilà!”
    I opened the lid of the serving tray to show Tommy the seventeenth-century dish. He swallowed his

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