Rush (Roam Series, Book Four)

Rush (Roam Series, Book Four) by Kimberly Stedronsky Read Free Book Online

Book: Rush (Roam Series, Book Four) by Kimberly Stedronsky Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kimberly Stedronsky
intent on cleaning my arms. “Why?”
    I wrapped my fingers over his hand, stilling his movements. “I can spend our time together giving you clues about my shitty past, or I can just tell you he touched me in bad ways. Do you prefer the troubled, elusive crybaby or the sarcastic, blunt little bitch?”
    He leaned forward, only inches from my lips. After searching my eyes for endless seconds, he slid his fingers through my hair, along my temple. “ Well, sounds like he deserved it then.” His warm breath sent a shiver over my back, and I exhaled sharply. “Also, if I must choose… I’ve always had a thing for sarcastic little bitches.”
    I laughed with unexplainable relief, cupping his face in my hands.
    “Is this beard uncomfortable?” I reached for the towel, my eyes finally dry. He applied both sets of fingertips to his jaw, scratching.
    “I feel like the wolf man. I hope the real me doesn’t ever get this hairy.”
    The light in the bathroom was dim, casting shadows into the corners of his face. I tucked my hand against his jaw, leaning in.
    Kiss him. He deserves it.
    “ Thank you, ” I whispered, widening my eyes as he pulled back. “What’s wrong?”
    “ I don’t want a thank-you kiss. I want the ‘I’m-going-to- die -if-I-don’t-kiss-you-right-now’ kiss. Let me know when you’re feeling that.”
    He pressed his lips to my forehead before leaving me in the bathroom.
    I processed his words, attempting to wash the dirty towels in the bathtub. Does he feel something for me? I blew at a curl stuck to my cheek, shaking my head. Stop it, Violet. All he wants is Roam. West appeared in the doorway, and I turned back at his voice.
    “ Don’t worry about this, Vi. We’re leaving.”
    “ But… what will we do…,”
    “ When we get back, we’ll try the inclined planes- somehow. We’ll find Laurel.” He squatted at my side, and in the close confinement of the bathroom, I was hyper-aware of his every movement. “I’ll find your mother, Violet. It’s my fault that you’re apart, and I won’t stop until I make things right for you… for both of you.”
    I averted my eyes to the bathtub, dropping the towels. “ And if she’s not the same? If she’s… hurt? Or… not herself?”
    His palm rested on my shoulder, and I fought back more stupid tears. God, maybe Roam has some contagious crying disease. “I’ll take care of her. And you. And not just because it’s my responsibility- because I want to.”
    I turned to him, recognizing for the first time, being this close, that he had a light sprinkling of freckles across the tops of his cheeks. He was so tanned, they almost disappeared into his complexion.
    “I always wondered… where my freckles came from.”
    His hand stilled, and then he gripped my shoulder, turning me into his arms. “You’re not alone, sweetheart. Not anymore.”
    His endearment sounded completely natural; I pressed my forehead into his shoulder.
    Eva began crying from the bedroom. I sniffed, and pushed away, nodding. “Thank you .”
    The trip back to Ohio was about as lively as a wake. I assumed co-pilot position, already sick of all of the fifties music on the radio. Logan and West took turns driving. When we reached the half-way point, I gave up trying to hold myself back from discussing our plans. Turning to West in the driver’s seat, I cleared my throat. “So, when do we try these inclined planes?”
    Without turning toward me, he answered too quickly. “When we have Troy secured, and Roam healthy enough to take care of Eva.”
    Logan was right. I knew it. Yes, he planned to save my mother… when it was convenient for him .
    “What if you stay, and I take her through,” Logan called from behind me, leaning closer to the front seat. “Roam will never be able to explain Eva.”
    “And if Troy is in 2012 and secure, there isn’t much danger if we try to cross over,” I agreed, silently thanking Logan for his support.
    West glanced at us once before turning

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