Rusty Nails (The Dade Gibson Case Files)

Rusty Nails (The Dade Gibson Case Files) by Jason Brannon Read Free Book Online

Book: Rusty Nails (The Dade Gibson Case Files) by Jason Brannon Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jason Brannon
Then again, he’d never had anyone threaten his family with torment and misery. It tended to change one’s perspective.

    Chapter 10
    Thankfully, Liz didn’t ask too many questions when she picked him up. Dade didn’t mention his phone conversation with Louise Hartwell because he didn’t want to scare her. He believed that Hartwell would make good on her threats, and he wasn’t quite sure how to broach that subject with Liz yet. Instead, he focused on the case.
    “I wish I knew what the big deal about this Edgemore guy is,” he said as Liz maneuvered her LeBaron through the streets of Crowley’s Point.
    “The first time I ever heard that name was at The Zodiac Club,” Liz confessed.
    “I still think finding out some information about Edgemore is the key,” Dade said.
    “I don’t know about Edgemore, but this has everything to do with angels. We’ve seen them at The Zodiac Club, and we’ve seen them on the receiving end of a bullet.”
    And we’ve seen them in a vision played across the glass of my rearview mirror, Dade thought but did not say.
    “Angels are definitely a point of focus for this investigation,” he agreed. “But then, so is Louise Hartwell. Let’s not forget that she killed an angel in cold blood.”
    “Do you think that’s really possible? To kill an angel?” Liz asked as she used one hand to turn down the radio. “I mean, sure, there is a certain amount of flesh and blood to a creature like that. But there’s also a supernatural power to them too.”
    “Nothing that a few cursed bullets won‘t fix. If you know the true name of an angel and can pinpoint how to write that name in angelic script, all you have to do is scratch the name backwards on a bullet, use it to shoot the angel that’s named, and it will be as if that angel never existed.”
    “Seriously, your knowledge scares me sometimes,” Liz confessed. “I’m not even going to ask how you know that.”
    “A magician never reveals his secrets,” Dade said with a smile. “Not sure about an overweight redhead with a Southern accent.”
    “I doubt she’s going to divulge any of her secrets either,” Liz said. “We’ll have to get our own answers. Maybe we can learn something from the crypt.”
    “We may need a tour guide to show us around,” Dade said, pointing at the mausoleum. “That thing is huge.”
    “I’ll bring the bread crumbs to mark the path,” Liz said as she opened her door and stepped out.
    Louise Hartwell came toward them immediately. Yet, there wasn’t a hint of malice on her face. Only a smile. “Mr. Gibson, Liz, so glad you both could make it.” Her demeanor was all mirth and Southern charm. Gone were all traces of the vile, nasty ogre she had been on the telephone.
    “So this is it, huh?” Dade said, trying hard not to let his rage overwhelm him. “This is the scene of the crime.”
    “It would appear so,” Mrs. Hartwell said dryly. “A graveyard is usually the best place for someone to steal bones.”
    “But you don’t have any suspects? I mean, surely you must have some idea of why someone would want a bunch of your husband‘s bones. Or maybe he wasn‘t really your husband.”
    “You’re really not in a position to worry about a minor detail like that at this point,” Hartwell replied.
    “So you don’t have any idea?”
    “I don’t,” Louise explained. “And neither does Richard.”
    “I thought the two of you couldn’t communicate anymore.”
    “He left a message on my refrigerator. I put up one of those dry-erase boards so we can talk. It’s the only way I’ve been able to speak to him since the bones were snatched. He can leave sporadic messages. He just doesn’t have enough cohesion left to manifest in a chat room.”
    “I’m not sure I understand,” Liz said.
    “Imagine a couple of kids passing notes in class and that’s basically what Richard and I have been reduced to. I’ll post a question. A few hours later I can go back and see his

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