Sadie's Mate

Sadie's Mate by April Zyon Read Free Book Online

Book: Sadie's Mate by April Zyon Read Free Book Online
Authors: April Zyon
want what every Craegin female dreams of with
her soul-bonded mate. I want to be able to give myself into your care. You I
would trust with that. Only you. I know you’ll allow
me to lead in certain things, like with the removal of the software from your
destroyer and that of your friends who are in league with you, but when it
comes to us being alone and in our rooms, in our home, I want and need to be
able to submit to your will. If you will have me as such?”
course I’ll have you like that. I need you like that. I’m a Dominant, as you
well know. I always have been,” he said. “I always will be.” He stroked his
hand slowly over her hair, letting his hand glide down her back , then settle on the curve of her hip. “But I also need to
know what you like, what you want, what you need from our relationship.”
    “Everything. I’ve wanted
everything from you from the moment I met you. I need to be with you and share
all that there is. I’m open to anything you could give to me. I would enjoy
having you tying me up and using hot wax to increase our pleasure. But I leave
all of that in your hands.”
fingers tightened on her hip. “I’m glad you’re so open to so many things,” he
said softly. Bracken brushed his lips over her ear, then nipped at her earlobe. “We’ll start drawing up the contract so we both know
what one another’s limits are. Later, though. Unfortunately, I’m exhausted. I
haven’t had a lot of sleep in the last week and I should get a nap in before we
reach the destroyer they hit.”
nodded and pulled back from him. “Then you sleep. I’ll see you tomorrow?” She
touched her fingers to his cheek and smiled. “Rest well. We will worry about
the contracts when you’ve rested and when we are both able to come up with what
we want. In the meantime I should get back to my quarters.”
Please stay. I swear nothing will happen. I’m too damn tired to even start anything with you right now. Since I hate doing anything half
measure we won’t be together until after I’ve actually gotten some sleep. But I
do want you to stay, curl up with me if you wouldn’t mind?”
wouldn’t mind at all. In fact there is nowhere else I would want to be. Not now
that I know how you feel.” She rubbed her cheek to his chest and smiled. “We
should have my things eventually moved in here, right?” She wanted to sleep at
his side. She wanted to go to sleep and wake with him each day.
    “Absolutely.” He nodded. “Let’s do
that right now. I’m guessing you haven’t had a chance to unpack yet. We’ll
collect everything and then lay down for a nap.” Helping her to her feet, he stood
up next to her.
looked up at him, just a bit of panic showing, she was sure. “Are you sure they
should see me like this?” She touched the side of her cheek and chewed her
lower lip. “I don’t mind if you know. I need you to know the truth of me, but
everyone else?” She hid behind the bodysuit and facial film and had for years.
one’s going to see us, Sadie,” he said with a hint of a smile. Taking her hand,
he tugged her over to a section of wall where he pressed a tile. A door slid
open directly into the sitting area of the room she’d been given. “Do you
really think I’d put you into just any room?” he asked. Bracken chuckled as she
stood there with her mouth open. He lifted her hand to kiss her fingers before
letting go so he could walk to her bags. Picking them up, he carried them back
into his quarters.
didn’t even come close to being what she felt in that moment. She then smiled
and looked up at him. “Bracken…”
I’d rather be,” he told her. Moving around her, he collected the last items
from her room. When he stepped back into his room he pressed the panel to shut
the doorway off once more. “If we ever need the space we can expand into that
don’t know why we would need more space, but sure, why not.”

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