Sally’s Wedding: Book 3 Of A Contemporary Romance Short Story Series

Sally’s Wedding: Book 3 Of A Contemporary Romance Short Story Series by A. J. Temple Read Free Book Online

Book: Sally’s Wedding: Book 3 Of A Contemporary Romance Short Story Series by A. J. Temple Read Free Book Online
Authors: A. J. Temple
voice behind her, caused a chill of fear to run up her spine. She spun around.
    “BRANDON! What the hell are you doing here?” This was the man who had drugged her drink, and almost raped her in her own apartment back in Milwaukee. Only the intervention of her boss – following a tip-off from the bar staff, prevented the unthinkable happening.
    She staggered back in fear and disbelief – She had almost succeeded in erasing the terrible incident from her mind; now it came racing back into her consciousness like a storm. A sudden anger took over from the fear.
    “You bastard!” She cried out as she lifted her hand to strike him. He grabbed her wrist, twisted, and pulled her towards him. She cried out in pain.
    “Now you little bitch; time for some pay-back I think!” The lust and anger in his eyes needed no interpretation. He pushed her in front of him; still keeping a tight grip on Sally’s wrist.
    “Move bitch!” They headed out of the stable. Sally was aware of Romeo’s neighing and stamping of his giant hooves, as he made his protest known.
    They headed out into the woods, following an old unused track through the trees.; thick with twisted thorny brambles and undergrowth; Brandon talking as they went.
    “You thought you were so clever bitch; moving out here thinking I wouldn’t find you – but you were wrong!”
    “Bra n don, you’re insane – you knew I was moving to Scotland to get married! Why are you doing this? I never had you charged or anything, though I could have. I just want to get on with my life!”
    “Get on with your life!” Brandon mocked. “Oh that’s rich! It’s a pity that I can’t get on with mine – since the police, and your old boss have made conditions impossible for me!”
    He pushed her onwards, causing sally to squeal with the pain as he twisted her arm again.
    “Well, I decided that if I could not get a job anywhere near home; I would try somewhere else ! Then I thought to myself why not kill two birds with the one stone; and follow you over here to finish what I started!”
    Sally recoiled from the crazed look in his eyes, as he stopped and pulled her around to face him.
    “Oh yes my precious, I saw you at the Hotel with the two Toffs and followed you home. I’ve been watching you for days now. I’ve got it all nicely planned and t his time there will be no interference from do-good citizens!”
    She struggled to get out of his grasp, only to feel a blow to the side of her head that caused her to see  little bright shining lights – before the blackness overtook her and she slipped into unconsciousness.
    The sun was high in the sky when she gradually awoke; the pain in her head , a terrible reminder that all was not well. With a shock she realised that she was standing up – but she could not move. Struggling mentally to understand what was happening, she realised that she was tied to a tree with her hands tied to branches above her and her legs fixed apart -ankles anchored to spikes sunk into the soft earth.  The greatest shock however was still to come – she had been stripped naked!
    “Ah, so my sleeping beauty awakes does she? Good now perhaps we can get this show on the road! As you can see I have prepared the table for the feast – and now at last the banquet can begin!”
    “Brandon please ….” Sally wailed, stricken by terror. She screamed aloud as he approached her with lust burning in his mad eyes.
    “Now now my dear, we really can’t have that – you might frighten the locals!” He said, pushing a cloth that smelled of rancid sweat into her mouth.
    “I was going to try the drug again. “ He spoke in a calm almost conversational voice. “ then I thought, what the heck – it might be good to actually get some ‘feedback’ from a girl for a change!”
    He ran his sweating hand over her naked breast, pinching a nipple painfully; causing Sally to scream into her gag, and wriggle against the tree. She felt the rough bark tear against her

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