Sand & Snow (Sand & Clay #1.5)

Sand & Snow (Sand & Clay #1.5) by Sarah Robinson Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Sand & Snow (Sand & Clay #1.5) by Sarah Robinson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sarah Robinson
security at a hospital, too many whack jobs.” Dylan responded.
    “That’s the best part,” Charlie flashed his mischievous, boyish smile at his friend.
    “Charlie’s always been able to calm the crazies,” Rock chuckled, his eyes turning back to Aralia who was sitting next to him.
    “What about you, Slade?”
    “That’s your name? Rock Slade?” Aralia quipped, biting her lip as she leaned in closer to him.
    “You like that, baby girl?” Rock ignored Dylan and his voice rumbled as he spoke to her.
    “It’s alright.” She grinned, shrugging nonchalantly even though her eyes were saying something entirely more revealing.
    “Slade, keep it in your fucking pants. I gotta deliver her back to her friend in one piece, alright?” Dylan smacked his beer glass onto the bar a little harder than he intended, causing it to crack and split in two.
    “Dude, relax.” Rock glared at Dylan and Aralia’s jaw fell open.
    “Excuse me, Mr. I-Just-Met-You-Yesterday, I can speak for myself.” Aralia retorted, clearly irritated, as the bartender came over and cleaned up the spill and broken glass.
    Dylan apologized to the bartender, ignoring Aralia’s response. Luckily, they had known the owner a long time and he didn’t mind much, although it would certainly be on his check.
    “If you boys agree not to break anymore glasses, we have an open spot here on Friday night. Don’t know if you’re planning on sticking around the day after Christmas. It’d be nice to hear you guys all together again.” The bartender spoke as he refilled their drinks.
    “Well, you guys know I will be here.” Charlie grinned, sipping his whiskey.
    “That sounds awesome, will Logan be here?” Rock turned to Dylan.
    “I think so, he wants to see you guys, but he is showing his girl around today.” Dylan told them.
    “The spot is yours if you want it.” The bartender shrugged and walked off as the men exchanged excited looks.
    It had been a long time since the band had played together, close to five years now. Seemed like they were long overdue for a reunion. 
    ღ ~ ღ ~ ღ ~ ღ
    “I love it, Logan. It’s so beautiful, surprisingly quiet and peaceful too.” Caroline leaned into his side, his arm around her shoulders, as they stood on the beach and looked up at the white, octagonal lighthouse towering before them.
    “Most pieces of history are. That’s how they make it through so much and are still standing almost two hundred years later.”
    “What do you mean?” Caroline asked.
    “Being at peace, truly entirely peaceful? That takes strength and power. If you have the strength to endure the wars within oneself, you will have the strength to endure anything else.” Logan squeezed her tighter, gazing up at the monument.
    “Peace is strength.” She repeated, nodding, agreeing with his assessment.
    “The original lighthouse is gone, it was made of wood and too far north up there on the shore that ships couldn’t see it. This one is sandstone and built in 1847.” He told her.
    “I never took you for a history buff.” She commented as they continued walking towards the park.
    “I’m not, I just love beauty.” He shrugged.
    “Is there such a thing as a beauty buff?” She laughed.
    “I hope not, otherwise they would be trying to steal you from me.” He grinned, winking at her.
    “Wow, that was awful. For someone who knows how to write beautifully romantic lyrics, that was just pathetic.” She teased him, poking him playfully in the ribs.
    “How about this one, did you sit on a pile of sugar?” Logan smiled down at her.
    “What?” Her face twisted in confusion.
    “Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.” He reached down and squeezed her butt, causing her to jump and let out a high pitched squeal.       
    Caroline ran forward, putting a little distance between the two of them as the entered the grassy park. She glanced back, giggling as he chased her and caught her quickly, lifting her off the ground as his

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