Sandra Hill - [Jinx]

Sandra Hill - [Jinx] by Pink Jinx Read Free Book Online

Book: Sandra Hill - [Jinx] by Pink Jinx Read Free Book Online
Authors: Pink Jinx
moment as they tried to figure how what Jake said related to the treasure-hunting project.
    “Is that sorta like, your ship can’t come in if you don’t send out any boats?” Frank asked.
    “Precisely,” Jake replied.
    “Yo, Jake! How’d you do in the tournament?” Anthony spoke up.
    “Second place,” Jake replied. “Just can’t manage to win the championship.”
    “Hey, second place ain’t bad. Half a mil, wasn’t it?” This time it was Stefano speaking. The two goons had tongues after all.
    Then Stefano’s words sank in.
    “Half a mil?” she squeaked out. “Dollars?”
    Jake nodded, suddenly serious, a defensive cast to his eyes. He was reminding her of all the times she’d doubted his ability to make a living from poker. “To answer your question, Frank”—Jake tipped his chair back against the deck rail—“I’m here to show Trish and the world that I can resist Ronnie.”
    Veronica choked on the iced tea she’d just swallowed.
    Jake clapped her on the back. Too hard. “You should be more careful, honey.”
    “You’ve got some nerve. Coming here so you can prove I’m no longer a temptation. So you can then go marry the boardwalk bimbo?”
    Jake laughed, unrepentant. “Yeah. So don’t go hitting on me or anything.”
    Veronica sputtered with disbelief. Well, she shouldn’t be surprised. Jake had once told her that laughter was good medicine, like jogging for the soul.
    He waggled his eyebrows at her, ignoring her outrage. “Ronnie and I go way back,” he said to no one in particular, though everyone was staring at him—at the two of them, actually. “Why, the stories I could tell you about the things we’ve done. Whoo-boy! Makes my toes curl just to think about it. Like the time she handcuffed me to—”
    Veronica stood suddenly and pointed at Jake. “You! Come with me. Now!”
    He grinned.
    She growled, started to stomp toward the beach, took a deep breath, dug in her pocket for a Pepto, popped it into her mouth and proceeded to chomp vigorously, then pivoted and walked back into the house. He followed after her.
    “You always did have the greatest ass,” he murmured.
    She stopped and turned. “What did you say?”
    He just waggled his eyebrows at her again.
    Veronica entered the library before him and stopped in the middle of the room. That’s when she heard an ominous clicking sound.
    Jake had just locked the door.
    They both noticed the leather chaise lounge at the same time.

    The plot thickens . . .
    “Honey.” Flossie put a hand on Frank’s shoulder, calling him back to the present. “Rosa just asked you a question.”
    Frank shook his head briskly to clear the cobwebs. “Sorry, Rosa. I was thinking about my granddaughter and that rascal husband of hers. I can hardly remember being that young . . . or so full of piss and vinegar.”
    “Tell me about it,” Rosa said, rolling her eyes.
    Flossie ran a caressing hand over his forearm. “You’ve still got plenty of piss and vinegar, old man.”
    She was reminding him of last night.
What a girl!
    Without speaking, Rosa’s two sons stood and walked to the edge of the deck. Because of the unseasonably warm temperature for late May, a scattering of people could be seen near the shoreline. An elderly couple wearing matching sweatshirts, holding hands as they strolled along the water’s foamy edge. Several children digging for sand crabs. A college-age jogger, bare-chested, wearing only nylon shorts and running shoes.
    Frank loved the ocean. He couldn’t imagine ever living or working away from it for long. Not all his treasure hunts were aquatic, but he always came back. That’s why he couldn’t understand Ronnie’s aversion to it.
    Anthony and Stefano surveyed the area as if they expected some mob bosses to pop up out of the dunes. Which wasn’t totally out of the question, even though their father was long buried. Family vendettas had a way of sticking like glue. And the Jersey Pine Barrens were presumably

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