Savage Hearts

Savage Hearts by Chloe Cox Read Free Book Online

Book: Savage Hearts by Chloe Cox Read Free Book Online
Authors: Chloe Cox
Tags: Fiction, Romance, Contemporary
been crazy high. Even Soren had thought that they’d get back together after working out all that
    And it just wasn’t.
    Even more frustrating, Soren knew it was him . Knew he didn’t quite fit. It wasn’t just in the studio, either. Things had changed in all of their lives, for everyone but Soren.
    Or, at least, that’s what Soren had been telling himself for the past month. Sounded like a plausible reason, and like something that would just take some time to fix. But now…
    Where was his head?
    With Cate Kennedy, for fuck’s sake.
    He hadn’t been able to stop thinking about her ever since she stormed out of Ford’s office. That had been an impressive exit, even more so when he’d heard her yell at Ford on the way out. He smiled thinking about it—he had no doubt he was in fact an idiot client. He’d never had the temperament for taking orders and playing nice, and he wasn’t going to start now, no matter how legally advisable it was. Cate insisted on taking the case? That was fine by him. Just meant she’d be close. And her trying to give orders just made him want her more.
    Besides, Ford had convinced him that he was pretty much screwed without her. He had to take the best representation he could, if only for these four other idiots that he cared about.
    Soren looked up to find Declan staring at him. Gage looked like he was about to take a nap under his drums, Brian was laughing at him, and Eric was just being quietly professional, like always.
    “What the hell, man?” Declan said.
    “Yeah,” Soren said, running a hand through his hair. “This isn’t working.”
    “Seriously, though, where is your head at?” Brian laughed. “I bet it’s better than here.”
    Soren smiled. Couldn’t help it. But it was enough—Brian whooped in delight, like a little kid. A sick, twisted little kid.
    “I freaking knew it!” Brian said. “It’s a chick. Definitely a chick. Multiple chicks? Come on, dude, don’t hold out.”
    “Seriously?” Declan said.
    Even Gage was paying attention.
    “All of you can go fuck right off,” Soren said. “This isn’t a slumber party, and who I screw is none of your business.”
    Declan smiled. “Come on, Soren, the only thing you like better than writing your guitar riffs is nailing—”
    “Watch it,” Soren said.

    For some reason he was not in the mood. He knew they were all agitated by how hard it was to write this album, and even though no one would say anything, they were all worried about this stupid lawsuit. Soren knew they needed to blow off steam, but doing it at Cate’s expense wasn’t going to fly.
    Had he really just thought that?
    Soren had to laugh. He was never the white knight type. What the hell had happened to him? Ever since he’d touched Cate Kennedy, ever since she’d talked to him, open like she was, bare, saying things that he understood even if he couldn’t explain why, it was like he’d woken the hell up. The old Soren, the man who used to plow through several women a night, who just couldn’t get enough—he finally, finally felt like that again, only just for her.
    Which felt weird.
    But it also felt like a goddamn fever. He couldn’t stop moving, couldn’t stop thinking about her and how she radiated need. How it was the mirror image of the things he used to need. If he let himself think about it too much, he’d want to explode. The truth was, when Soren found out the last woman he’d been with had lied to him about a pill addiction then overdosed, it had done more than temporarily break up the band. I had brought back a whole bunch of very personal demons for Soren, most of them having to do with the one woman he never talked about: Julia. And so Soren hadn’t touched another woman since then. It was antithetical to his nature, and it meant he was pent up and ready to explode, but he just couldn’t do it. Not when he feared that every woman would want more than he could offer, and not when he was sure that he

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