Save Me From the Dark

Save Me From the Dark by Réna Edward Read Free Book Online

Book: Save Me From the Dark by Réna Edward Read Free Book Online
Authors: Réna Edward
have just sat there the whole time like an idiot. I wasn’t under the impression that I’d be called out in front of everyone.
    Ace walks over to me, taking my hand in his; raising it to his lips as he presses a small tender kiss that sends a tingling sensation up my arm that warms my chest.
    “Happy Birthday, Bella. I’m glad you made it, relieved you made it. My God you’re beautiful.”  He walks back out on stage. “Because it’s Bella’s birthday, I’m going to sing her favorite song. I’ve never performed this song live before, but,” he looks towards me with a smile on his face, “for you, I will.”
    The melody starts playing and I can’t stop the tears that fill my eyes. Every time I listen to this song, I’m in so much pain, both physically and emotionally, so it brings it all back. He walks over to me taking my hand just as the instrumental part starts to play. He leans in next to my ear.
    “Don’t cry my beautiful Bella,” he kisses my cheek, lingering there for a moment before pulling back and starting to sing again. When the song is over, he looks at me, “Happy Birthday. May you have so many more each happier than the last.”
    I can’t tell if I smile or if I’m completely frozen. Tears still fall down my cheeks. Slowly, moments from before start to fill my head, causing me to flop down in my seat, the rest of the show not fully registering to me.
    Turning my head slowly to face Gary, “He’s AJ, isn’t he?”
    “Isn’t he!” I yell, thankful that it was too loud for anyone but us to hear.
    “Yes, but-”
    I interrupt him. “I want to leave. Please take me out of here.”
    Gary starts to interrupt, but when he looks at my face, he just nods. Helping me carefully climb down the stairs, I see out of the corner of my eye that Ace looks at Gary in confusion. The two men almost seem to have a whole conversation silently. I tune them out. Gary leads me out the same door we came in, but when he starts to lead me to Ace’s trailer, I start to protest.
    “I want to go home,” I push through clenched teeth.
    “You need to hear him out.”
    “Well, that’s nice, but he’s not my boss and you’re not my father. I want to go home. Now!”
    Gary spins around and faces me. For the first time since meeting him, I’m a little scared. He takes a deep breath, as if to pull himself together.
    “I know you’re angry. I understand. Please just listen to him. If you still want to leave after all is said and done, then fine, but please, please just give him a chance to explain. Please.” He looks at me pleadingly.
    Sighing, “Fine because I always do what makes everyone else happy.”
    “What is that supposed to mean?”
    “Nothing,” I hiss and stomp off toward his trailer.
    When we arrive, he comes in to sit in the kitchen while I have a little inner monologue with myself. When he starts chuckling, I snap my head up glaring at him.
    “You don’t have to stay, you know?” Just as he is about to answer, I correct myself. “No, you better stay because I recant my earlier statement about not being a threat to him,” I growl.
    Gary’s eyes widen. Flopping down on the couch, I sigh. Running every conversation we’ve ever had through my head to try and figure out if he’s even hinted at this being who he is, but he hasn’t. Why wouldn’t he tell me? I lean forward hugging my legs, looking down at the ground. My anger slowly slips away to hurt.
    I hear the door open, but I don’t bother looking up or moving. I will stay just like this until I can walk out of here. If I look at him, for even just a second, I might change my mind.
    “Is she still here?” He sounds almost panicked and out of breath.
    “She’s still here.”
    There is a pause.
    “You can leave us alone, Gary.”
    “I’m not so sure that’s a good idea, but I don’t want to be in here either,” Gary laughs then the door shuts.
    There is quiet for a moment. A pin could drop on the carpet and it’d

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