Saving My Submission BN

Saving My Submission BN by Jenna Jacob Read Free Book Online

Book: Saving My Submission BN by Jenna Jacob Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenna Jacob
Tags: Romance, BDSM, submission, Erotic Romance, BDSM Erotic Romance, dominance
everything. Staring off at the horizon, the
     fateful night came rushing back in full living color. Every sight, sound, and
     smell filled my brain.
    “I walked into the club one night, anxious to see him.
     He was sitting at a small table in the back of the social area with a young
     redheaded girl. She was giggling and batting her big blue eyes at him like he
     was a damn god or something. A hush fell over the crowd, and everyone stared,
     as if they knew something I didn’t. It’s funny, I always thought they were my
     friends, but no one ever pulled me aside to tell me what my Master had really
     been up to.”
    “What had he been doing, Mel?”
    “He’d been scening with her,
     dominating and fucking her behind my back.” I shrugged. “For a Dom to play with
     another sub isn’t any big deal, but the fact that he never told me about her,
     and instead hid it all from me felt like a knife to the heart. I trusted him,
     believed in him... in us. But I should have known something was up, things
     between us had started getting strained. I’d chalked it up to him being
     stressed out about work, so I just focused more on pampering him and trying to
     make him happy. God, I was such an idiot.”
    “Stop saying that. It’s not your fault the bastard
     lied to you, and your so-called friends didn’t bother to tell you what he’d
     been up to, either. How the hell were you supposed to know?”
    “I shouldn’t have ever trusted him, but hindsight is
     always twenty-twenty, right?” I scoffed. “Anyway, I walked up to the table. He
     looked up at me like he’d seen a ghost. His shock turned to anger instantly and
     he looked down at his watch and started barking questions at me… ‘Why didn’t you tell me you were coming to the club
     early, bunny? – You’re supposed to let me know everything, or did that fact
     slip your tiny little brain? - I don’t appreciate you sneaking in and checking
     up on me, slut. That shows a real lack of trust on your part.’
    “We both knew I’d busted him, but he tried to put the
     blame on me, to save face with the members and look like some bad-ass Dom in
     front of his fuck toy. He totally stunned me. I had no idea what to say to him,
     because he’d never verbally berated me before. The whole room was thick with
     tension and that’s when the redhead asked if she could leave the table. She
     actually asked his permission,” I
     scoffed. “I wanted to knock her teeth straight down her throat.”
    “You should have, Mel. Dammit,” Sanna groused.
    “Suddenly he flipped off his anger and turned to the
     girl, smiling with a stupid, fake syrupy grin, took her hand and escorted her
     to the bar, leaving me standing there like an invisible, dumb, deaf mute.”
    “What a douche bag.”
    “Mega douche bag,” I agreed. “My heart pounded in my
     chest, and I stood there fighting back tears. Hell, I didn’t know what to do,
     so I turned and started walking toward the door. He yelled at me from the back
     of the room in a hateful tone. ‘Where do you
     think you’re going, whore?’ The club fell deathly silent, and I froze. Everyone turned and stared at me, waiting to see
     what I was going to do. Then Master ordered me to strip and get my ass up
     against the cross, that I needed to be taught a
     lesson. I should have just kept on walking, but I wanted to prove he didn’t
     need the other woman. I was also afraid the members would think less of me as a
     sub if I challenged him. So, I did what he ordered me to do.”
    “Oh, Mel. You should have
     told him to fuck off, or at least kicked him in the nuts and walked out. Wasn’t
     there a DM or an owner around? Someone to protect you?”
    “No, I wore his collar and I didn’t use a safeword to stop it. I should have, but…” I took a long sip
     of wine and sucked in a deep breath. “He stormed up to the cross, dragging his
     flavor of the month behind him, sat her down and told her to watch a real Dom

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