Sawyer (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #5)

Sawyer (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #5) by Jayne Blue Read Free Book Online

Book: Sawyer (Great Wolves Motorcycle Club, #5) by Jayne Blue Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jayne Blue
Tags: Action & Adventure, Crime, MC Romance, biker romance, romantic suspence, sexy series
for sure.”
    “I’m not with them.”
    “I am not a hooker.” It was an odd thing to say. When she swallowed hard, the reality of the Russians and their cots and chains came into sharper focus for me.
    This was not drugs or guns; it was people, young, vulnerable people that the Bratva was moving through Grand City.
    “I didn’t say you were.”
    “I need to get away before they figure out I’m not there.”
    “I’ll help you with that.”
    I put out my hand. This kid had been hurt, reaching out to anyone was a risk for her, but it was either the Russians or me, or run into the woods.
    She was smart enough to see her options or trusting enough to have a horrible life. Either way, I knew my next call.

Chapter Six
    B ess
    I was not expecting a text from Sawyer. I had been very cold, very deliberate, and very direct. We weren’t happening. We couldn’t if I did not want to risk Chris trying to change my custody arrangement with Henry.
    He had shown up at the worst possible time and did exactly what I feared he would. Chris took out any chance I had of having another relationship. He didn’t want me and I didn’t want him but he sure as hell didn’t want me happy. He was not mature enough for that.
    The text from Sawyer was not a plea for a second date, had last night been a date? Dinner, conversation, a ride on the back of his bike, and then a second round of me wanting to get naked in his arms, seemed like date was an okay way to characterize it.
    Call me. This is not a come on.
    I almost did not call but something about Sawyer McCall made people listen up and do what he instructed. It was not bossy but it was commanding. So, I dialed his number.
    “Bess thank God.”
    “What is it?”
    “I have a kid here that needs your help. Immediately.”
    “Can you meet me at the club?”
    “I, uh, let me arrange Henry and then yes.”
    “I appreciate it. You remember where we are?”
    I checked in with Cassidy. She was a good backup when I needed it. Henry adored Cassidy’s future brother-in-law, Dylan. He was 30 years old but was special needs. His interest and Henry’s were always right in line.
    After I dropped off Henry, I headed to The Wolf Den . It had turned into one of the coolest tough bars in town thanks to Sawyer.
    I had not been here during the day before. The parking lot was fairly empty, and around back, I spied a row of motorcycles. I had no doubt a few of them were worth more than my house.
    I walked in and a biker clad in leather but who looked like he could be just as comfortable on a beach, with his blond floppy hair, greeted me.
    “Hi? You Miss Geary?”
    “Call me Bess.”
    “Sawyer said to bring you on back. I’m Ryder.”
    “Nice to meet you.” I looked around the room. The owners of the bikes were sitting at various positions in the bar; it was not technically open yet. They all looked like they had just been through something. I could only guess as to what. There was a smell of smoke, more pungent than cigarette smoke, but maybe their cigs were more powerful. Who knew?
    They also all looked dangerously sexy I could not help but notice. Was it a club requirement? None of them had exactly what Sawyer had but I could see the appeal in a way that surprised me. These bikers were all men, nothing soft about them, no weak chins, no comb-overs, and no latte drinkers.  They were throwbacks to another time it seemed.
    I supposed it was probably good not to lump them all into my preconceived notions. Macho was macho and this place oozed it.
    Sawyer had turned out to be a man with business acumen just as much as raw sexual power. Who knew what hidden personalities were here behind each leather jacket?
    I felt many eyes on me but somehow I also felt safe. Sawyer would be sure of it and oddly, I felt like Ryder would too.
    For a woman who took care of every damn thing herself, it was not unwelcome. This idea that someone would lift some heavy shit for me. Alas, I was not

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