Sawyer, Rita - Her Mr. Wrong [What Are Friends For 3] (Siren Publishing Classic)

Sawyer, Rita - Her Mr. Wrong [What Are Friends For 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Rita Sawyer Read Free Book Online

Book: Sawyer, Rita - Her Mr. Wrong [What Are Friends For 3] (Siren Publishing Classic) by Rita Sawyer Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rita Sawyer
trying to fight the urge to go to her again, while Amy would be dealing with her determination to avoid the desire she felt for him. He doubted either of them would lose any ground today, but if she caved, he’d take it.
    He pulled to a stop in front of the garage and shut the car off. Unaware of his inner turmoil, Jenny practically leapt from the car. Since the top was down, she made easy work of Matthew’s car seat harness. Slade was still fumbling with Conner’s seatbelt when she came around to his side of the car. She laughed and held Matthew out to him, and let Conner out of the car herself. With Matthew on his hip and Conner holding his hand, they headed for the door. Jenny opened it and stood aside and let them go in first.
    One of Amy’s brothers, who was standing just inside the door, said, “Can I help you?”
    “Hi, I’m Jenny Jacobs. We’re here to pick up my car. It a maroon minivan,” Slade’s sister explained.
    “I’ll have it brought around. It’ll take a few minutes. You can have a seat if you like.” The guys smiled and indicated a row of chairs along the wall.
    “I got everything squared away. I brought down that info for Dad, and the Jacobs file. She’ll be in around two o’clock,” Amy called out as she came down the stairs.
    Her brother laughed. “Actually, she’s here now.”
    Slade wasn’t going to make a move in her direction, but that didn’t mean he couldn’t look. She was dressed in work clothes and those black boots again, and it didn’t alter what he already knew. No matter what she wore on the outside, she couldn’t hide the sexy, innate quality she had. Their eyes met for a minute before she looked away. She glanced at the stairs behind her, and he got the feeling she wanted to run. When she turned back, there was a smile on her lips.
    “Ian, let me introduce you to Slade Jacobs. He owns Jacobs Racing and Design.”
    “Nice to meet you.” Ian offered his hand, which Slade accepted.
    “You, too.” Slade didn’t know what she was up to, but he could tell she had a plan.
    “Since I’m still here, why don’t I take Jenny and the boys up to the office while you introduce Slade to Dad and get her car?”
    “Do you have the time?” Ian asked.
    “Sure.” Slade handed Matthew to his sister and followed Ian into the shop.
    Slade wondered if she’d expected him to refuse and come off like a jerk. If she thought her brothers and father were going to intimidate him, she was wrong. He was sure this was another game-playing move on her part, but he didn’t know what she hoped to gain. If he played along, maybe he’d at least get a chance to talk to her alone before he left. He’d just have to keep his hands and mouth to himself.

    * * * *

    Amy held out her hand to the little boy, and he glanced at his mother. Jenny nodded, and he grasped on. She led them all upstairs to her office. On the way up, Jenny introduced her to Conner and Matthew. Amy closed the door and walked over to the closet. They kept a stash of toys in there for when her brother’s kids came to visit. She grabbed a couple of trucks and carried them to the center of the room. The boys rushed over as if drawn as magnets.
    Their mother, however, wasn’t impressed by the shiny toys. She walked around the room, checking out the pictures, just like her brother had. Amy looked out the windows into the shop below. Slade was smiling and shaking hands with her brothers and father. Not introducing them would have been selfish, even though all she wanted to do was rush him out the door. As if he could sense—which was absurd—that she was staring at him, he looked up at her and smiled.
    “So I take it you’re the reason my brother was in such a rush to get here.” Jenny lowered herself onto one of the couches in a graceful move.
    “I’m not sure what you’re talking about,” Amy lied.
    “My brother is attracted to you.” Jenny obviously believed in the direct approach. “Can I ask where you two

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