Scene of the Climb

Scene of the Climb by Kate Dyer-Seeley Read Free Book Online

Book: Scene of the Climb by Kate Dyer-Seeley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kate Dyer-Seeley
of this little cliffy. Should be a quickie. Keep ya in tip-top shape until the next challenge.” He motioned to Andrew, who was untwisting a jumble of cables. “Andrew here will be shootin’ footage of our gorgeous location. And Meggie here may wanna stop ya along the way to get your firsthand account of the trek. Any questions?”
    â€œYou gonna time us?” Lenny asked from behind hitman sunglasses.
    â€œDidn’t plan to”—Dave paused—“What do you think, Krissy?”
    â€œFine by me. I’ve got all your stats here anyway,” she said, holding her clipboard.
    She turned to me and said, “Meg, in case you’re not up to speed, the plan for today is the contestants will run to the top of the summit. Mainly we want Andrew to shoot footage we’ll use for promos. This isn’t an official leg of the race.”
    Andrew held a clear plastic camera the size of a plum in his palm. “I’ve positioned twelve of these along the route.”
    â€œThose are cameras?” I asked.
    â€œGoPros. Most amazing camera on the market.” Andrew beamed. He pulled a remote not much bigger than his thumb from his pack. “Best part is, this is WiFi.” He clicked the remote. “One button and I can activate any camera on the trail.”
    â€œAll righty, we’ll clock ya. Anything else?” Dave asked.
    Lenny flexed his arms and puffed his chest. “You gonna get me airtime?” he snarled at Andrew.
    Andrew threw his free hand in the air. “I can’t work like this,” he said to Dave. “Tell this jackass to shut it or I’m out.” He stormed over to the van.
    â€œWhat? You gonna rage quit?” Lenny shouted after him.
    Raising her hand, Alicia asked, “Do we have a time set for the next challenge?”
    Dave patted Krissy’s shoulder. “Krissy here is gonna be working on the permits and final details while we all go climb this little peak.” He adjusted his Australian hat to shade the sun from his eyes.
    Krissy cleared her throat and flipped through the paper on her clipboard. “We’re at the mercy of the county at the moment. I’m going to push them hard. We can’t start building the zip-line until we get approval. Hopefully I’ll have good news and a firm date when you get down.”
    â€œWhat the hell are we gonna do in Or-ee-gone while we wait?” Lenny asked.
    Krissy threw Dave a look. “I’m working on that. I should have an updated itinerary ready later today. I’m working around the clock to get this production wrapped. We’ve got hours of film to start editing.”
    Dave brushed her off. “No worries. Plenty of time.”
    It didn’t look like Krissy agreed. She folded her arms over the clipboard and stared at Dave.
    Andrew returned to glaring at Lenny as he repositioned Alicia’s GoPro camera. All the contestants were required to wear the indestructible cameras that Andrew mounted on their packs. He’d equipped the cameras with flexible poles extending from their packs around their shoulders to get forward-facing shots.
    Andrew whispered something in Alicia’s ear as he made an adjustment to her camera mount. She flicked the dandelion she’d been playing with at him. Andrew appeared wounded. With sagging shoulders he headed across the historic highway loaded with camera equipment. What was that all about?
    Dave turned to me. “Greg-o had another meeting come up. He told me to tell ya he’ll catch up. If not, he’ll see ya at the bar-bie later. You wanna do anything with the crew before we head up?”
    My mind went blank. In my panic about the hike, I hadn’t formulated a single question.
    I had to think. What would an extreme journalist want to know?
    I looked at the motley crew of contestants in front of me. There was Lenny, the gold-chained gangster; Leaf, the hotheaded hippie; and Alicia, the fitness femme

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