Sea Haven 02 - Spirit Bound

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Book: Sea Haven 02 - Spirit Bound by authors_sort Read Free Book Online
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arts katas, all those beautiful graceful forms, flowing across the room, every movement exact and elegant, but she just couldn’t seem to get some of the more practical self-defense moves down.
    Lissa was always unfailingly patient with her. Levi, less so. He was determined to ensure Judith could handle herself in any situation. She knew he was right, but that didn’t make her any better at self-defense. She busied herself pouring the boiling water into the teapot and slipped a cozy over it to allow it to steep.
    Blythe drank a full glass of water by the time the tea was ready, ignoring the other two laughing at her. The three women curled up close on thick, comfortable chairs, tucking legs up.
    “I have to say,” Judith confessed, “I was totally wrong about Levi. He’s crazy about Rikki and has been good for her. I’ve actually grown very fond of him.”
    “I didn’t expect to like him so much either,” Airiana admitted.
    Blythe shrugged her shoulders and looked at them over her teacup.
    “Oh no, you don’t,” Judith shook her head. “You don’t get to be silent on the subject of Levi. He’s with our beloved Rikki and I thought you said they were good for each other.
    “I think they are,” Blythe said. “He pushes her just a little to stretch her comfort zone, but he accepts her and seems to love her for who she is. They seem a perfect match.”
    “There’s a but in there,” Airiana pointed out.
    “No one really knows anyone,” Blythe said. “You have to take people at face value. What they say, how they act, but if they lie, if they don’t show all sides of themselves, you never know who you’re truly dealing with.”
    Judith ducked her head, pretending to take a sip of tea. Blythe always told the truth and this time she hit so close to the mark, Judith felt it like an arrow through her heart. There was a sudden silence and when she looked up, she realized both of her sisters were looking at her in alarm.
    “What is it, honey?” Blythe said. “I didn’t mean to stir up old ghosts. Perhaps mine were just a little too close today. I haven’t been able to sleep and I guess I’m feeling a little melancholy.”
    Judith took a deep breath and pulled back from that yawning precipice of despair and sorrow, knowing if she went over the edge, she’d take Blythe and Airiana with her. “I’m sorry,” she whispered. “I was thinking of Paul today and it’s just so close. The idea that Levi could hurt Rikki when we stood for him, when we’ve accepted him into our family—that’s just so horrible.” She hadn’t been sleeping lately. Was it possible she was affecting Blythe? It wasn’t out of the realm of possibility.
    “But it happens,” Blythe said.
    Airiana put a comforting hand on Blythe’s shoulder. “Yes it does, Blythe. Sometimes, especially when we’re quite young, we trust the wrong people.”
    Judith nudged Airiana with her bare foot in an effort to lighten the mood. “Some of us are still quite young.”
    Airiana gave her a mock scowl. “I am not the baby of this family, Lexi is.”
    “You’re close,” Judith teased. “Not quite grown yet. Didn’t you get carded going into an R-rated movie last week?”
    Blythe burst out laughing as Airiana winced. “You can’t deny it, Airiana, and you’re never going to live that one down—at least not for a very long time.”
    Airiana joined the laughter as she shook her head at the absurdity. “Clearly the woman needed glasses.”
    “Who called earlier?” Judith asked as the laughter subsided.
    “I almost forgot,” Airiana said. “Inez called. She said she needed you to call back as soon as possible. Someone’s inquiring about buying the gallery and she’s hoping you can take the time to show them around.”
    “That would be so nice for her and Frank to get out from under that payment,” Blythe said. “She really struggled to keep things going for Frank while he was in jail. His health is so fragile right now that they

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