Search for a Star

Search for a Star by Cindy Jefferies Read Free Book Online

Book: Search for a Star by Cindy Jefferies Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cindy Jefferies
    Ellie couldn’t help laughing. She could practically hear Piano’s ears flapping. “Well I’m going to get on with tracking down Charlie Daniels in a minute, if that’s okay, but I need to give you this first.” She handed Francesca the list of celebrity names that she and Hannah had thought of the night before. “I don’t know if you’ll want to use any of them, but I thought it was worth noting them down.”
    Francesca laughed too. “Thanks, Ellie. It’s great to see such enthusiasm.”
    â€œSo is it okay if I get on with Charlie Daniels now?”
    â€œSo far as I’m concerned, as long as you remember the coffee run and the dog walking, you can spend the rest of today on it if you want. You won’t be able to spend this much time on most of the names on the list, but then you shouldn’t need to. And I do think it’s worth pursuing this one for a bit longer. Just make sure you clear it with me before you actually do anything. Okay? I’d hate you to get into trouble, or us for that matter.”
    â€œOkay. Thanks, Francesca.”
    â€œAnd, Ellie, don’t worry if you draw a blank. I won’t be annoyed or surprised if you do, but it could make a really interesting, and different interview for the magazine if you could pull it off. Just keep your eyes and ears open, and if you can piece anything together about him let me know.”
    â€œI’ll do my best,” said Ellie, feeling pleased at what Francesca had said. The pressure was off, but in a way that made her even more determined to track the author down.
    She sat down and opened her laptop. First she went back to the publisher’s website and took down their number. Then she pulled her notebook out of her bag. When she phoned she’d need to write down anything that might be useful. She took a couple of deep breaths and dialled the number.
    â€œBishop and Stoker Publishers. Which department would you like?”
    â€œUm…” She wasn’t ready for that. “I need to talk to someone who would know about author signings…” she said, scrambling to try and sound as if she knew exactly what she was talking about. “And about Ch—” But the receptionist interrupted.
    â€œPutting you through.”
    The phone rang for ages, and Ellie was beginning to think that no one was going to answer it, but just as she was about to put it down and try again, someone picked up.
    The girl’s voice sounded very young, and Ellie could hear someone else speaking in the background. Just as Ellie was about to explain what she wanted to know, the sound became muffled, as if someone had half put their hand over the receiver. Then the girl’s voice became clear again. “Sorry about that. This is the Publicity Department. Can I help you?”
    â€œI hope so,” said Ellie. “I work for Heart magazine, and I wondered if Charlie Daniels is going to do any book signings, or appearances…that sort of thing.”
    â€œOh.” There was a pause. “Well I doubt it, but it’s not my place to say anything about Charlie Daniels.”
    Ellie felt puzzled. “Why not?”
    â€œWell I’m just helping out with posters and stuff. I don’t usually answer the phone.”
    Ellie sighed. “Well can I speak to someone who is able to talk about Charlie Daniels then?”
    â€œShe’s in a meeting.”
    â€œWell…” Ellie really didn’t want to give up. “Can you at least get someone to send me a publicity photo?”
    â€œOh dear…” The girl on the other end of the phone sounded quite agitated. “There was a picture, but then they changed their minds… There aren’t any here. And I don’t think there will be a tour…though a tour would be so cool. I think it’s a shame,” she added. “With the film and everything. They should do

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