Searching for a New Home

Searching for a New Home by Karen Ward Read Free Book Online Page A

Book: Searching for a New Home by Karen Ward Read Free Book Online
Authors: Karen Ward
Tags: Murder, cowboy, Intrigue, Wyoming
has been in their
family for generations and was almost lost when cattle prices
bottomed out a few years ago. That was when Jason quit his job as a
stock broker in New York City to return to the ranch and start the
horse breeding program. Now Jason and Jacob work side by side with
Bob Kenner training the horses, often working till dark.
    Jenny explains to me what the sheriff meant
when he told me I am a very lucky young lady. She tells me about
Jacob's reputation as one of the premier criminal defense attorneys
in the country. She also explains that Jacob retired from
practicing law four years ago when he returned to Wyoming to raise
Dani. He only takes special cases now. I feel very lucky that Jacob
has agreed to represent me.
    In the evenings, Jacob and I retire to the
study and discuss the upcoming trial. Jacob tells me about any new
developments and asks any questions he needs answered. He is always
upbeat but the dread I feel is always present and growing. I am
very skeptical anyone will ever believe me.
    Jacob and I find it very easy to talk to each
other and we have talked about everything, our families, our pasts,
our dreams. He told me about his marriage and the issues he had
with Beverly. I told him about my marriage and why I finally
divorced my husband.
    To me it is almost like we have been friends
forever. I can't remember ever having a friend that I have confided
in so easily.
    At the same time, Jacob always maintains
distance. He is very careful to make sure he and Jana are never
alone for very long and he never touches her even in the most
casual ways.
    As the weeks pass and he has gotten to know
Jana better, Jacob's reluctance and concerns about her presence in
Dani's life have begun to recede. She seems to love Dani and Jason
and Jenny like her too. One would think that would make Jacob
happy, but it doesn't. He has become more and more reticent,
seeming to keep to himself, brooding. He is spending more and more
time alone working outside with the horses or in the study.
    One evening in late July, Dani runs into the
study and climbs into his lap for a hug. She misses the time her
Daddy use to spend with her and Jana and doesn't understand why he
stopped. She looks over at his desk and freezes. Jacob asks,
"What's wrong Pumpkin?"
    Dani is staring at a picture of Frank Gibbons
on the desk. She points and says, "That's him! That's the man that
followed Cybil out of the truck stop!"
    Carefully Jacob says, "Are you sure Dani? You
saw that man follow Cybil out of the truck stop?"
    "Yes! He was driving an old beat up blue
truck. He followed her out of the parking lot." Dani insists.
    Jacob asks "Do you know which way they
    Dani answers, "Sure, they turned left onto
the road, then back to the right a little way down. That's how I
know he was following her."
    Jacob had filed a missing person's report
right after Dani's adventure because he hadn't been able to locate
Cybil. She isn't answering her phone and her bank accounts haven't
been disturbed since a large withdrawal on the day she left Dani at
the truck stop. She seems to have disappeared off the face of the
earth. The fact that Dani is placing Frank Gibbons with her raises
the hair on the back of Jacob's neck. He has a bad feeling
something tragic may have happened to Cybil.
    When Jacob contacts the Sheriff in Casper, he
asks Jacob to bring Dani to the truck stop so she can show them
exactly what she saw on that night so long ago.
    Jacob, Dani, and I arrive at the truck stop
around noon the next day. The Sheriff is waiting. Dani is very
nervous when she sees the sheriff's uniform but with her Daddy's
and my encouragement she is able to tell the Sheriff exactly what
she saw the night Cybil left her at the truck stop. The Sheriff
tells Jacob the road Dani indicated leads to an old rock quarry
that is now filled with water. Picnic areas are scattered around
the perimeter and many of the locals swim there in the summer. He
will get divers to check it

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