Seasoned with Grace

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Book: Seasoned with Grace by Nigeria Lockley Read Free Book Online
Authors: Nigeria Lockley
care of the kitchen.”
    When Sister Marva walked out the side door, Grace dropped all pretenses, pulled off her nude patent-leather pumps, and began scrubbing the pans Sister Marva had begun piling up in the sink.
    â€œThis is a nice little program y’all have here, but I don’t know if I can do this.”
    â€œWell, serving people in those heels would prove to be difficult for any one of us. Tomorrow you better put on some sensible shoes, like these.” Sister Bryce stuck her leg straight out and hiked up her skirt a bit to model her tri-toned gray ballet flats.
    â€œThe only thing I know how to serve is style,” Grace said, holding her head up high. “I don’t own any flats, and I most definitely do not plan on purchasing a pair just to satisfy our judicial system. It’s just hard being here, watching hungry families and the elderly pile in here for one meal that can carry them only through the night. What are they going to do tomorrow?”
    â€œLet God worry about feeding His people.” Sister Bryce rose from her metal throne and added her plate to the pile of dishes Grace was scrubbing. “What you need to worry about is how to keep those dainty little hands of yours smooth. Put on some gloves next time. The Lord fed them tonight, and He’ll feed them tomorrow, just like He did the children of Israel in the wilderness. You ought to be pleased to be an instrument of the Lord.”
    Grace turned her eyes back to the suds before her. She hadn’t asked to be a part of the Lord’s trio of servers. She’d rather be sipping champagne at the Monkey Bar or have her head buried in a sweet libation from the Sugar Factory. At the bare minimum, she’d go for a cup of the wine that they sip during Communion, but she didn’t think Sister Bryce was about to heed that request. After a few moments of scrubbing in silence, Grace recalled that Sister Bryce had mentioned some other ministries she could try. Maybe one of them ended early enough for Grace to both do her time and get home and at least indulge in a glass of wine.
    â€œSister Bryce, on my first day here you mentioned that there were other programs that I could participate in.”
    Sister Bryce was now sweeping. She didn’t look up from the small pile of stray food she’d collected. She just hummed, “Uh-huh . . .”
    â€œI was thinking maybe I could try my hand at one of those tomorrow.”
    Sister Bryce paused and leaned on the top of the broom handle before answering Grace. “Most of our other ministries are very interactive, hands on, and would require you to take on some type of authority and responsibility. From our Woman at Well weekly meetings to the adult reading classes, all our other ministries require you to lead.”
    The word leadership put a smile on Grace’s face. The idea of being in charge gave her something to look forward to upon returning to Mount Carmel. That and not having to wear a hairnet.
    Sister Bryce approached Grace and placed one hand on Grace’s shoulder. “Before you can lead, you have to serve.”

Chapter 7
    By her third night at Mount Carmel, Grace had gotten her emotions in check. She cringed only on the inside when she had to put the hairnet on, and she cut her eyes at Sister Marva without cussing or storming off. And she’d mastered the art of the single-spoon serving.
    That night Sister Bryce and Grace filled the plates side by side. The line was rolling along like an assembly line at Ford until some man stood in front of Grace at the counter and just stared at her. His hands were construction worker hard, his body was whittled to Tyrese perfection, and his face was Hill Harper handsome. His deep-set brown eyes felt like lasers against her skin, and his slight stubble enhanced his raised cheekbones. Before the drool actually started running out of her mouth, Grace reminded herself that this was a food ministry program and he

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