Secret Admirer

Secret Admirer by Ally Hayes Read Free Book Online

Book: Secret Admirer by Ally Hayes Read Free Book Online
Authors: Ally Hayes
Tags: Contemporary, Humorous/Romantic Comedy
happened over the last couple of weeks. “Do you have a guy?”
    “We’re kind-of on again, off again.” She sighed and popped a Love Ya into her mouth. “Long distance, you know?”
    “I hear you.” I scooted a pink Smile toward her in a gesture of good will.
    “He says he’s coming here for Valentine’s Day, but we’ll see. I’m not holding my breath. This might be the last test, but I’ve said that before.” She stirred through her rice and vegetables, and selected a peapod. “What about you?”
    “No boyfriend, but there’s a new guy I think I like. It’s still weird.”
    “That’s the fun part. Here, take a First Kiss , maybe it will bring luck.”
    I liked Clare, she was sweet and easy to talk to. I’d have to remember to bring her a box of hearts on Valentine’s Day. I felt badly for her, she didn’t sound too optimistic about long-distance guy.
    On Tuesday, I drove straight to a client’s office to perform an audit. The review took all day and required a return visit on Wednesday to present the bad news to the CEO. I was back in the office Thursday after a coffee and a quick, “How’s it going?” exchange with Connor.
    January was quickly slipping by, and I wasn’t feeling so “new girl” anymore. The comfort level at the office both professionally and socially was improving and with it my spirits. There were no plans to go out on Friday as Bree was organizing for Sunday. Clare offered going to a movie, and I agreed to meet her and Abbie. Gir l- time was exactly what I thought I needed after a long week of recovering from my virus.
    Garrett—sorry it’s super late
    Me—no prob. Just got home from a movie w/ Clare and Abbie
    Garrett—cool, I’m still out with guys from college
    Me—drinking and texting?
    Me—and you thought of me, I’m honored
    Garrett—I’ve only been thinking of you
    Oh no. I remembered he was out drinking and it was probably harmless, uninhibited fun, so I joined his banter.
    Me—what have you been thinking?
    Garrett—R U sure u want 2 know?
    Did I?
    Garrett—I can’t wait to meet you Sunday, I’ll leave it at that
    Me—k, me too
    Garrett—GTG, another round of shots
    Me—be careful!
    I slept soundly that night, pleased with the friends I’d made and the direction the text conversations were going with Garrett.
    Saturday brought a mild, yet cloudy day. I shopped for appetizer ingredients to make my contribution to Sunday’s party and stopped at a boutique for a new top and splurged on a manicure. I had it bad for Garrett and hoped he wouldn’t be disappointed when he met me in person.
    I had to laugh though when the next text came in late Saturday night.
    Garrett—you’ll never believe this
    Me—try me
    Garrett—seriously, I don’t even believe it. I have to tell the group and will switch to them in a second, but want to apologize first, Andressa
    Me—for what?
    Garrett—I won’t be there Sunday
    Me—oh. This better be good
    Garrett—I hope you think so
    I saw his contact disappear and then the group one pop up.
    Garrett—hi guys
    Alec—dude, did you seriously drive straight to New Orleans?
    Garrett—technically, no. We were too smashed, Brad hired a bus, and we rode all day and night with massive hangovers
    Bree—sounds like fun
    Garrett—don’t be mad, Bree, it was a crazy spur of the moment thing, you can look for me on TV
    Ethan—Superbowl! I’m so freaking jealous
    Me—you’re nuts
    Josh—not usually, you must’ve been coerced
    Garrett—actually guys, I haven’t told you but it’s my 30 th
    Garrett—if today is Saturday, then yes
    Bree—u dork, I would’ve had a party
    Alec—maybe that’s why he left the state
    Maggie—ouch, but Happy Birthday, Garrett
    Abbie—have a blast, old man!
    Me—have fun, be safe
    Josh—what is going on?
    Josh—oh, caught up now, wow! Have a great time!
    Garrett—thx for

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