Secret Breakers: The Power of Three

Secret Breakers: The Power of Three by H. L. Dennis Read Free Book Online

Book: Secret Breakers: The Power of Three by H. L. Dennis Read Free Book Online
Authors: H. L. Dennis
place in the team. Myself, Miss Tandari and our learned colleague Oscar Ingham will be your teachers here.’ He gestured to the man in the pyjama trousers then began to collect together some papers and notes from the table in front of him.
    ‘So there’s a chance we still might not make it, then?’ hissed Hunter. ‘Another chance we could get sent home.’ This thought clearly worried him immensely. ‘And the old geezer in pyjamas. What the crab apple’s that all about?’
    Tusia hissed back along the line. ‘Maybe he just can’t bring himself to get ready to face the day.’
    ‘That’s stupid.’
    ‘Perhaps he thinks if he doesn’t get dressed properly then the day hasn’t really started.’
    Brodie mulled this over and looked at Tusia with a deepening respect. ‘You see all that because he’s wearing pyjamas?’ She hoped any tests they had wouldn’t focus on working out things like that.
    Tusia shrugged. ‘Lots of people can’t face the day,’ she said knowingly. ‘They just go about showing it in different ways.’ She hesitated for a moment. ‘Anyway, you can’t blame the old guy if he’s realised he has to try and teach him ,’ she added venomously, pointing along the line.
    Hunter glowered and raised his hand attempting to hide the fact he was whispering again, but Brodie batted his hand away. ‘Shh,’ she hissed. ‘They’ll hear. And we’re supposed to be making a good impression.’
    ‘Fair point,’ winced Hunter.
    Smithies had organised the papers and cleared his throat to speak again. ‘Enough of the formalities. You’ll be tired and hungry, and I for one have an appointment to keep.’ He smiled and Brodie felt reassured. ‘Take your time to make yourselves at home. Rest well. There’s plenty of time to prepare for testing.’

    ‘You’ll be in Hut 8,’ Miss Tandari explained, as Brodie began her private tour. ‘Smithies lives off site in the village but you can always find me as I’m based in the mansion. Here’s a map to refer to and I’ll help you get your bearings.’

    Starting beside Block B, Brodie could see a series of huts of different sizes and ages. Some were newly painted, but some were rather shabby. On the outside of each one was a number marked on the centre of a thick black name-plate. ‘These huts were the heart of Bletchley,’ Miss Tandari explained. ‘In the war code-breakers were allocated to one particular hut. You worked there all the time. Each hut was responsible for different types of code-breaking.’ Brodie nodded. ‘They’re all different. They’ve all got their own histories. Huts 3, 4, 6 and 8 are the most famous ones,’ she continued. ‘Your grandfather worked in Hut 3. The work which happened there changed the course of the whole war.’
    Brodie imagined her granddad, young and excited, working inside the hut. She wished she’d had longer to ask him what code-cracking was really like. She reached up to the locket that hung around her neck and cradled it in her hand.
    ‘Beautiful necklace,’ said Miss Tandari brightly.
    As they walked, Miss Tandari pointed out the tennis court and the ornamental lake. In the centre a rather crooked fountain shot water in great jets up into the air. ‘We haven’t got the water pressure quite right yet,’ she said apologetically over her shoulder as a cloud of droplets blew in their direction making Brodie’s feet wet.
    As they rounded the corner, Miss Tandari waved towards the Ice House. The building was shaped like a hexagon and Miss Tandari was keen to point out the pigeon loft built into the pointed roof. She explained the building had been used to store ice and keep food from going bad before fridges had been invented. Such a large place to keep ice in seemed a weird idea to Brodie. She stared hard and watched a group of white birds circle above them then land on the roof.
    ‘So Hut 8 then?’ Miss Tandari said marching on, looking away from the pigeons. ‘You’ll find everything you need

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