Secrets of a First Daughter

Secrets of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway Read Free Book Online

Book: Secrets of a First Daughter by Cassidy Calloway Read Free Book Online
Authors: Cassidy Calloway
look?” I asked.
    Hannah tapped at the computer and studied the spreadsheet. “Let’s just say the class treasury is solvent again.”
    â€œExcellent. My stomach ulcers will be worth it in theend.” Planning the fund-raiser had pretty much consumed all my free time over the past week. I needed to get this right, not only to help the senior class but also to prove to myself and my classmates that I was leadership material.
    â€œLet’s go over everything again,” I said.
    She groaned. “Relax, Morgan. The situation is under control. Killer food, check. Awesome entertainment, check. Sold-out tickets, check. This event will be the biggest fund-raising success in the history of AOP’s senior class. You’ll see.”
    Despite the fun of picking out a cute ethnic-inspired dress for the party—with adorable strappy heels, of course—by the time the day of the event rolled around, my stress levels had reached critical mass. But I’d been dealing with pressure my whole life and knew that the way to cope was to block out the disaster scenarios and focus on a positive outcome. No matter what, tonight was sure to be a night to remember.
    The Yellow Oval Room in the residence wing looked fantastic. When the White House social team tackles a job, look out. They transformed the old-fashioned decor by moving out the traditional furniture and creating a fiesta wonderland. Twinkly lights twisted around real mini palm trees, and the buffet table had been staged to look like abeach cabana. Flameless candles on the tables brought a touch of Cabo San Lucas to the ambiance. The French windows opened up to the Truman Balcony, which overlooked the Washington, D.C., skyline. A mini stage had been set up on the balcony with speakers and all sorts of equipment for Cin’Qua’s number, which was sure to be an unbelievable spectacle with the Washington and Jefferson memorials lit up in the distance.
    The only thing that would make tonight perfect would be if Brittany Whittaker got stuck in traffic or suffered a massive wardrobe malfunction that made it impossible for her to attend the party. No refunds would be issued on her ticket, either.
    â€œReady for the party, Morgan?” Max’s voice broke through my concentration.
    I forced my mouth into a smile to hide my anxiety. “Yup. Everything’s going to be great.”
    Max had been assigned to security for my party, which meant he’d be close by. So close, and yet so far. He wore his boring brown suit again, but the nondescript threads made him even more adorable, if that was possible. I wanted to head straight into his arms, despite all the staffers weaving in and out of the room.
    He leaned toward me, keeping his hands firmly claspedbehind him, Secret Service style. No one looking at us would suspect that we wanted to rip into each other.
    â€œYou look beautiful,” he murmured.
    Tingles sparked my nerve endings. I really wanted him to kiss me. Before I could stop myself, I lifted my face up to his. He inched forward, too….
    â€œHey, Morg!”
    Hannah’s voice cut between us. We sprang apart.
    Hannah glanced from me to Max and back to me again, trying not to laugh at our gooey expressions. “I’m not interrupting anything, am I?”
    â€œNope. Nothing at all.” Max and I exchanged rueful looks. Close call!
    Hannah looked kick-awesome in a Mexican print skirt, embroidered peasant blouse, and about a million bangles on her wrists, an ensemble only Hannah could pull off. Somehow she always managed to turn a gimmick into high fashion. “The place looks fantabulous. Kudos to the White House staff for rocking it out.”
    A stir rippled among staff members. Parker, Mom’s Secret Service agent, entered, immediately followed by Mom wearing a beige pantsuit. At least she tried to be jaunty by jazzing up her look with the Huichol Indian friendship bracelet she’d gotten from

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