Secrets of the Fall

Secrets of the Fall by Kailin Gow Read Free Book Online

Book: Secrets of the Fall by Kailin Gow Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kailin Gow
my hands.” He smirked, “Besides working. I need to relax,
too, and I can’t think of a better way than to massage you.”
    “Drew…you promised,” I said.
    “I know,” he said, turning me around and pulling me up
on top of him so that my face was resting on his chest and he was kneading my
back. Drew had always acted fast.
    The next thing I knew, I was sound asleep on his
chest, happily snoring away while his fingers twisted and pounded the stiffness
out of my shoulders and neck. As attracted as I was to him, as much as I wanted
to explore his body with my hands and lips, I felt comfortable and safe in
Drew’s arms, with his arms wrapped around me, holding me, massaging me. It was
the first time since we’ve had sex that I didn’t feel insta-lust with him, but
a feeling of comfort and safety…the way I felt with Nat, whom I’ve always felt
was my protector since we were kids and he stood up to bullies for me.
    I drifted off into deep sleep, too exhausted to
protest when Drew bent down and kissed me on my temples. It was chaste enough,
and in a small way, I was a bit disappointed.
    “Sweet dreams, my Princess,” Drew whispered into my
ear. “I will always protect you, always…even if I have to hide the truth to
keep you safe. I love you more than life itself, but what I’m about to do…I
hope you will forgive me when you understand why I did it.”
    Did I just dreamed Drew apologizing for something he
was about to do?
    Then I heard him talking to himself while I almost
drifted off completely. “I made a promise that I’ve broken already today. I
went against my promise, but it made you happy and hopeful, ready to live,
ready to keep living. Oh God, why must it be this way? Why can’t I tell you the
truth? Why? I hate myself already for having to put her through this, but…if
she only knew, she would understand. Dear Summer, please forgive me.”

    Chapter 5
    I wanted to get Summer away from Donovan
Dynamics as soon as the mission was accomplished. By “the mission” I meant the
first meeting with the team in charge of Operations Rescue Family. It was
close, having Summer at the headquarters all night long, while Tim and the team
worked, securing a “Special Forces” team to rescue Nat and Dad.
was a good thing everyone on that team have had specialized training and a
background as ex-military, ex-CIA, and even ex-FBI. To tell you the truth, I
was intimidated standing in the same room with some of these lethal and
highly-trained, but seemingly harmless-looking Donovan Dynamics employees. But
I had to keep up appearances, play a role, and act like I was taking charge,
rather than following orders.
for the sake of Summer.
why when she walked into the room, the Team was surprised to see her, shooting
questioning looks at me that asked, “Why the hell did you bring her here,
knew I should have just brought her here for a very short time just to say “hi”
to everyone who worked on helping her with the cyber-bullying case before, but
the entire finding another Special Forces team to rescue Nat and Dad seemed
necessary to help Summer get through the day, to help her fight this grief of
missing Nat.
Summer slept on the sofa, I slipped out of the room and out into the balcony. It
was afternoon, not evening as it seemed, but we had just worked through the
night without sleeping so was now facing the day. I touched a speed-dial
button, and it connected me to a center.
password,” the voice said.
inputted a password and then heard another voice. Deep, authoritative, and
confident…the voice that ran Donovan Dynamics.
son, I know why you concocted this plan with the second Special Forces team.
It’s a grand scheme, and I applaud you for thinking of it, but it is not in the
plans. I know you want to protect her. I know you are willing to do anything to
make her happy, but masking the operations with something like this will

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