Seduced By The Silicon Valley Billionaire (Erotica, Contemporary)

Seduced By The Silicon Valley Billionaire (Erotica, Contemporary) by Kinsey Jamison Read Free Book Online

Book: Seduced By The Silicon Valley Billionaire (Erotica, Contemporary) by Kinsey Jamison Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kinsey Jamison
Amanda Pilsner stepped off the busy Caltrain at her final stop at 4th and King in the South of Market district in San Francisco. She shivered and pulled her long coat tighter onto her small frame, amazed at how the temperature had dropped ten degrees since she had boarded in Redwood City.
    It was her first day starting out at BillPrime, a promising new startup aimed at disrupting the consumer bill paying market. In fact, it was her first day starting her professional life. She was nervous about her new internship, but was honored to have been chosen for the Growth Hacker position. In a sea of other new Stanford grads like herself, she knew that there must have been something special about her interview that put her above all of the other candidates. She thought she performed decently on the programming test, but had to crash study Ruby on Rails since it was a language she wasn’t familiar with.
    While walking down Townsend Street toward 4th, the realization of finally “making it” hit Amanda. Her parents had always emphasized the importance of a quality education and had all but forced her to apply to top-league schools. Unfortunately, they weren’t willing to shell out the cash needed to pay for the tuition. Four years later, Amanda was armed with a B.S. in Computer Science from Stanford and saddled with thousands of dollars in debt. Luckily, the job market for software engineers in San Francisco was flooded. She could have chosen a number of full salaried positions for over $100,000 a year, but chose a less-lucrative internship instead because she truly believed in the company’s potential for success, and the culture seemed to be very progressive and woman-friendly. The extensive amounts of equity didn’t hurt either, of course.
    She stood outside the tall brick office building and scanned the door entry intercom system, admiring the names of all of the well-known startups that share the location. 29Signalz, Stumblr, and ShareBNB were all within four floors of her. She imagined the kind of talent she’d be sharing a building with, and the thought excited her. She was buzzed in and made her way up to the 5th floor.
    Amanda read the sign on the front door to her new workplace:
    BillPrime: So Easy, Even Your Grandpa Can Do It
    She smiled to herself and couldn’t help but find it humorous. Her grandpa was actually a mechanical engineer with some serious programming chops himself. He thought her how to make simple games in BASIC when she was in 8th grade. He could probably build BillPrime if he wasn’t too busy sipping tropical drinks on the beach outside his new retirement home in Costa Rica.
    She opened the door and was greeted by the front desk office manager, a young woman with a bright and welcoming smile.
    “Hi there! You must be Amanda,” she greeted, standing and offering her hand. I took it and gave her a nice firm handshake.
    “I sure am. Glad to be here! I’m super excited about my first day.” She tried to not seem over-eager, but she was. She was nervous, worried, and more excited than she was on her first day of college.
    “I’m Cecilia, the office manager here. There will just be some quick paperwork to take care of, and then we’ll get you settled in at your work station. You’ll have your pick of equipment, though I highly recommend you pick one of the new retina MacBook Pros,” she winked at Amanda, took a stack of manila envelopes from her desk, and walked toward a conference room with frosted windows. Amanda followed her and they closed the door behind them.
    There wasn’t too much to do, but Amanda found the quick meeting to be riveting. She had to sign a non-disclosure agreement, promising that she wouldn’t share any of the company’s deep dark secrets. She filled out the W-2 forms, disclosed any personal projects she was working on, signed up for the company’s benefit programs (which were all 100% covered by the company, thankfully), and watched a quick presentation about

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