Seducing Zeb (Tarnished Saints Series)

Seducing Zeb (Tarnished Saints Series) by Elizabeth Rose Read Free Book Online

Book: Seducing Zeb (Tarnished Saints Series) by Elizabeth Rose Read Free Book Online
Authors: Elizabeth Rose
mouth, and her lips turned down into a practiced pout, using her seductive, manipulative charm.
    “That’s right, sweetheart, so take your last look at your husband, because if you ever see me again, I’ll be a bachelor. And a bachelor is what I’ll be for the rest of my life.”
    Then she did something Zeb never expected. She leaned over and pressed her lips against his in a delicious, seductive kiss. He felt his groin stir immediately. His hands rested on her shoulders and he pulled her closer. Her tongue shot out into his mouth next, about sending him through the roof. And then she rubbed those big beautiful breasts up against him and let her hand slide down his chest between them, moving closer and closer to his waist.
    He wanted her more than anything. Th e taste of her lips was like ambrosia of the gods. She was sweet, succulent and all woman. His hands moved closer to the sides of her breasts, and as the kiss became more passionate, he slipped them down to her waist and around her back side, resting them atop the curves of her bottom end. He was so hot for her that he wanted to not only bring her home with him right now, but to throw her atop the blackjack table and take her with everyone watching.
    What was it with this beautiful, seductive woman that when she turned on her charms, he couldn’t turn off his reactions? He wanted her badly. He needed her. And if he didn’t bed her soon, he was sure he was going to burst.
    “No!” he cried out, pushing her away, gaining the attention of both his brother and his aunt. “I won’t let you manipulate me the way you do to all men to get what you want. I don’t care if you are my wife and out of a job, you are not coming to Sweet Water with me. That is the last place I want to take you, you devious little siren, do you understand? This marriage is a farce and it is over. And I never want to see you again.”
    As he stormed away, he could have sworn he heard her whisper the words, “we’ll just see about that.” The throbbing was back in his head as well as below his belt, and he had the sick feeling in the pit of his stomach that this girl was going to be like a bad penny and keep showing up, and maybe it wouldn’t be so easy to rid himself of her after all.

    Chapter 5
    Zeb felt bad about leaving Cat behind, but he couldn’t bring along any more baggage on the plane without having to pay for it. And he already paid dearly in his opinion, after giving away ten grand to his brother while trying to make amends for the whole wedding mix-up, not to mention getting married when he didn’t want to, even if it was by accident in his opinion.
    He knew Denny the casino owner was crooked, so he was sure he wouldn’t have Cat arrested or it would point a finger at himself. Being a lawyer, Zeb knew he should sue him or report him or do something so he wouldn’t get away with this. He would have, if he didn’t think it would mean trouble for Cat. But while she was a cheat and a seductress, she was still his wife, and he couldn’t do that to her. Damn it, he hated the fact he’d been having second thoughts since he left the hotel, and wondered if he should pick up the phone and try to call her and tell her he was sorry for not taking her with him.
    Too late for that. And he didn’t even know how to reach her anyway. For all he knew, she was already flirting with some rich guy to buy her way to where she wanted to go. He sat waiting in the airport, getting ready to board the plane, and pulled out the ring box from the top of his travel bag and popped it open.
    “Wow, those rings must be for someone special,” said the elderly man sitting next t o him. “She must be some wonderful girl. When are you popping the question to her?”
    “I’m not.” Zeb snapped the box closed and stuck it back into his bag.
    “Why not?” the man asked, then looked down at Zeb’s hand. “Oh, you’re already married to someone else I see.”
    “Don’t worry about it, old

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