Seeing is Believing

Seeing is Believing by Sasha L. Miller Read Free Book Online

Book: Seeing is Believing by Sasha L. Miller Read Free Book Online
Authors: Sasha L. Miller
Tags: General Fiction
scrying," one of the men replied absently, climbing to his feet. "Any problems?"
    "Nope," the mage replied cheerfully, finally releasing his grip on Ty's arm. He hadn't let go the entire trek here, but Ty was too busy catching his breath to really care. Glancing across the clearing, he saw the glow of the dish fade. "The guards won't notice a thing until the morning."
    "Good, that will give us time to get further away," the third man declared as he approached. "Caj, get them something to eat. Can you ride?"
    Ty nodded, swallowing a protest. He was exhausted from the trip through the woods, and they were going to make him ride—likely for the night, if they truly meant to get away from the city, which couldn't be very distant if they needed to get themselves away during the night before a ruckus was raised about his disappearance.
    "The portal got us close enough," the mage was saying, and Ty decided that he wasn't in charge, and neither was the man handing him a heavy roll. "But I'm completely out of reserves."
    "As we expected. It shouldn't matter—"
    "Do I get an explanation now?" Ty interrupted, drawing the attention of all three men. "Who are you and why did you free me?"
    "Well, isn't that grateful sounding," the mage said, looking amused and dangerous. His eyes glittered in the moonlight and the scar across his face stood out vividly. Ty glared at him, unimpressed and tempted to throw the roll at him.
    "Reid," the one in charge said sharply, and the mage—Reid—shrugged and applied himself to the food handed to him.
    "My name is Ari, that's Caj, and he's Reid," Ari introduced himself and then pointed to the two men with him. "We rescued you because of your magic."
    "What about it?" Ty asked, confused because that wasn't at all what he'd expected, especially with Reid's comment about payment for rescuing him.
    "We're members of the Vasijile," Ari said, almost gently, and that made sense. The Vasijile was a rebel group that protested the use of suppressants in all but the King's Mages. They frequently "rescued" mages in prison for breaking the edict against using magic unlicensed or for not taking their suppressants. Likely they thought Ty was such an offender.
    Ari took his silence as acceptance and turned away to confer with Reid. Ty frowned thoughtfully, debating whether to enlighten them—but he'd been in that cell for longer than he could remember. By his reckoning, almost a year, though that could be wildly off. He wasn't going to throw away his rescue just because it wasn't for the right reason.
    They didn't ride the entire night through. Ty was well aware they stopped because of him, but he refused to apologize for not having rested before the trip or not having the stamina to do a nightlong ride.
    They stopped sometime in the small hours of the morning, closer to dawn than Ty thought he'd last when they had started out. He all but fell off his horse and into the bedroll Caj hastily set up for him. He fell asleep quickly, the bedding no more comfortable than the pallet in his jail cell.
    When he woke up, it was bright again. He didn't immediately move, aching from more movement than he'd had in ages and the strong urge to just go back to sleep. He could hear movement around him, the horses stamping their feet behind him, the crackling of a small fire in front of him, and the quiet murmur of voices too far away to be anything but indistinct.
    He couldn't get his mind to shut down, now that it was awake. Ty sighed, shifting a little. He should get up and demand more answers—like what they planned to do with him now, and maybe later, when they'd gotten far enough away from the city. Not that Ty really expected much of a search effort, not when it was obvious magic had spirited him away.
    Perhaps they'd even blame the cooks for not properly seasoning Ty's food with the suppressant that kept his magic locked away, even if that wouldn't explain how Ty had managed to get away without ever having learned how

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