Shadow Play:

Shadow Play: by Erin Kellison Read Free Book Online Page B

Book: Shadow Play: by Erin Kellison Read Free Book Online
Authors: Erin Kellison
his side. Gravity meant nothing, though his hand sought the curve of her perfect ass.
    He wanted Ellie, all of her, but he’d take half rather than lose her altogether. And he would be a willing participant in disaster. Always willing with Ellie. She could have whatever she wanted of him.
    Cam pulled back enough to look into the eyes of half her soul. “I do love you. Will you remember?” Would she carry the knowledge to her other self?
    He cradled the shadow in his arms, held her for the first time, to discover that the way she moved against him was all feeling, all emotion constrained in a woman-shaped package. He kissed her back, deeply. Her arms clasped him, fingers in his hair, hips flaring. He braced against the table and took her, thrusting into darkness—so tight, so slick—until he shuddered against her. The release rushed through his blood, his aches erased in the flood of satisfaction. Ellie, in any form, was his everything.
    From the next room, Ellie cried out in pleasure in her sleep. “Cam!”
    A good dream, he hoped.
    And the shadow evaporated from his embrace, leaving him holding nothing.
    Which was exactly what he’d been afraid of.

    Ellie woke early, feeling rested and strong, and had no problem keeping an easy union with her shadow, who seemed … content, satisfied, and happily curious about the day. She was in a good mood. Ellie’s nerves were jumpy, but that was to be expected. Today she would try something important and dangerous. But today, she felt like she could do anything.
    Cam was in meetings when she woke, but she wasn’t going to hide away from the others on site, embarrassed by her unusual predicament. The very problem that had overshadowed her life was going to save another. She felt pride in that.
    She showered in one of the mobile stalls. She ate a light breakfast. And if the other people in the small compound stared, so what? When she was ready, she found Cam in one of the labs informing an unfamiliar man that it would be impossible for Ms. Russo to translate word for word any of the fae’s utterances, and that he would see why shortly.
    Cam! her shadow shouted inside.
    He glanced over as she entered. The poor man couldn’t have looked worse. Bruising had spread underneath both his eyes, which were shockingly bloodshot, yet still wonderful.
    “Dr. March,” Cam said, “this is Eleanor Russo.”
    She shook hands. “Nice to meet you.”
    “I understand you speak fae?” March was whip-thin and leaned toward her with interest.
    “Only part of me does.” Let him chew on that.
    She looked back at Cam. Dashing. Fearsome. Felt that glow that made her want to laugh aloud. “What’s the schedule? I’m a little anxious to get started.”
    “Great,” he answered, briefly narrowing his eyes at her in a funny way, as if trying to figure out why she was so happy. “An interview with the fae first. If nothing exceptional happens”—he chuckled as if he didn’t believe in anything’s going smoothly—“we’ll go for the waterfall.”
    “Any sign of the mage?” But she thought she had her answer. The mood of the day was work, not fear.
    “No, but you should meet Specialist Dr. Hasler, who is assigned to gather information on the mage. He’s interviewing witnesses from last night now. And there’s a metallurgist around here somewhere, but he won’t be joining us later. That knife has got his full attention.”
    The metallurgist didn’t worry her, but Dr. Hasler’s witnesses would report about her shadow’s exciting demonstration in addition to the mage. She’d have to look at the transcripts later, find out what people really thought.
    Cam returned his attention to the linguist. “We’ll see you at nine, then. Be prepared for anything.” He got up and gestured to Ellie to exit the unit.
    They went back outside. The sky above was already more blue than any other she’d seen before. The red earth and temp research station made her think they could be on

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