Shadows by Amber Lacie Read Free Book Online

Book: Shadows by Amber Lacie Read Free Book Online
Authors: Amber Lacie
perfectly still. I take a breath as I feel his soft warm lips on
mine. He kisses me slowly across my mouth, corner to corner. Then
his lips part and I feel his tongue softly stroke my lips asking
for permission. My mouth opens to him, meeting his tongue with
mine. I have never been kissed like this. It's passionate and so
intense. My hands are running through his hair. He moves one hand
to the base of my neck and I moan into his mouth. The other one
runs over the fabric of my shirt as he cups my breasts. My nipples
are hard, pushing against the fabric of my bra. He breaks the kiss,
pressing our foreheads together, both of us gasping for air.
Running his thumb over my nipple through my shirt, his eyes meet
mine. I want him so incredibly bad.
    "I shouldn't be taking advantage of you like
this. You've just lost a friend and I'm seeking you out like prey,
but I needed to kiss you." Not letting go, his thumbs stroke my
cheek. He just stares into my eyes.
    "You're not taking advantage of me. This is me
willingly putting myself into your arms. Please, I hurt so badly.
It's killing me inside. I'm feel like I'm dying. I'm so cold and
numb. Then you touch me and my skin feels hot. It feels so
incredible. Don't stop, please, just don't stop." My voice falters
and I wipe my cheeks. I'm crying again. I just want to stop feeling
this pain.
    "Beautiful," Theron kisses my tears away as
more fall down my cheeks, "I can make you feel so good. Do you want
to feel good, babe?" I nod my head in his hands. "Put your arms
around my neck, beautiful. I don't want you walking anywhere." I do
as he asks and he slides his arms around my back and under my ass.
I question his motives. Surely, he's not going to try and pick me
up. He doesn't try, he just does it. I wrap my legs around his
waist, clinging to him like he’s my life jacket. "If we do this,
babe, we can't come back from it. I'll make you feel, beautiful,
but I'm going to keep you."
    I nod my head. I don't understand what he's
trying to say and I don't care. I don’t want to hurt anymore. He
carries me down the hall into his room. It's very modern looking.
The walls are deep blue, and all of his furniture is sleek and
black. He slowly lowers me to his bed. It's much bigger than the
one in the other room. It's soft and inviting, cradling me as I lay
back. I don't know his exact intentions, but I know
    He's standing between my legs looking
absolutely amazing. My heart is beating so hard, I almost think he
can hear it. Sliding my shoes off, he rubs my feet. I moan, no one
has ever touched my feet before. He gives me a lopsided smile while
running his hand up my legs to the apex of my thighs. Slowly
popping the buttons he slides my jeans off, casually dropping them
to the floor. He's staring at me like I am a meal to consume, like
he wants to devour me. I squirm under his gaze. He runs his fingers
under the elastic of my striped cotton panties. They aren't sexy,
but he doesn't seem to care.
    “ These will have to go, but first
your shirt. He pulls at the hem of the t-shirt I'm wearing as I sit
up. As he pulls it over my head, I hear him gasp. He runs one hand
down my neck and over my breasts pinching my nipple through my
white lace bra. "Take it off." I reach behind me and unclasp it,
sliding the straps down my arms until it falls to the floor. My
nipples are hard, my exposed flesh is prickling. "Fucking
beautiful. I'm going to taste you now." He pushes me back on the
bed. Taking one of my nipples into his mouth, his tongue swirls my
hard bud. He bites down and pain mixes with pleasure. I need more.
I start to pull at the hem of his shirt. I need it off. I want to
feel his flesh on mine. Letting go of my nipple with a pop he
throws his shirt across the room. "Are these next?" Theron asks
pointing to his jeans.
    "Yes, I want to feel your skin on
    He stands, kicking off his jeans with a
devilish grin. His black boxer briefs are tented from his erection.
Sliding his hands around his

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