Shadows in the Night [Hawkman--Book 12]

Shadows in the Night [Hawkman--Book 12] by Betty Sullivan La Pierre Read Free Book Online

Book: Shadows in the Night [Hawkman--Book 12] by Betty Sullivan La Pierre Read Free Book Online
Authors: Betty Sullivan La Pierre
that, but I've already heard from a couple of your women friends telling me about strange men lingering around your room."
    "Good grief, nosey old ladies. So I'm having an affair. What business is it of theirs?"
    Hawkman raised a hand. “I need to interrupt this conversation and ask some questions."
    Both turned their heads toward him, as he sat down on the overstuffed chair. He took the notepad from his pocket. “I've discovered seven deaths have occurred in this home during the past six months. The woman in charge of records is disturbed by this fact. I'm going to read the names of the deceased and would like you to tell me if you knew any of these people."
    The Hamptons gave Hawkman their full attention.
    "Marion Carter."
    "Yes, I knew her,” Maggie said.
    George shook his head. “The name doesn't ring a bell."
    She gave him a disgusted look. “Of course, you knew her. She loved to sing songs and would have everyone joining in."
    He snapped his fingers. “I remember her now. The tiny mite of a woman with only one leg. She rolled around in her wheelchair, always laughing and spreading cheer wherever she stopped."
    "Yes, she's the one."
    "I wondered where she went."
    "Probably heaven."
    "Did you know her well?” Hawkman asked.
    "No, but everyone adored her. She was always the life of the party."
    "How did she lose her leg?” Hawkman asked.
    Maggie tapped her cheek. “I really don't know. I think she'd lost it before coming into the home. My guess would be diabetes."
    "Okay, how about Faith Lambert."
    George raised his hand. “I remember her. A real dud. Complained all the time; we hated to have her around. Strange I can remember her name and couldn't remember Marion's, who loved life and sparkled all the time. I guess the complainers seem to attract more attention."
    "Did either of you know her well?"
    "No,” Maggie said. “We avoided her at all cost. No one wants to be depressed, but that woman brought a black cloud wherever she went."
    "Jacob Thompson?"
    "Strange man,” Maggie said. “He'd stand outside your door and when you opened it, you almost jumped out of your skin. I shooed him away several times. Even George told him to ‘get lost’ one day."
    "What did you know about him?"
    "Not much,” George said. “I think he was harmless, or he wouldn't have been in this wing. He could carry on a decent conversation, if you caught him at the right time. He just wasn't one you wanted hanging around. You never knew when his mood would go sour."
    "Ronald White."
    Maggie pointed a finger in the air. “A very sweet man. His wife Edna is a doll. She still comes around occasionally and says ‘hello’ to everyone. We were very saddened to hear about his death."
    "Yeah, I miss old Ron too. We used to talk football. I think he knew every player on the professional teams for the past twenty years. I'd go down to his room to watch a game and Edna would come to Maggie's to watch the soap operas or a movie.” George nodded. “Yeah, he's missed."
    "Do you know if they had any children?” Hawkman asked. “Ms. Montgomery had no record of any."
    "No, they didn't,” Maggie said. “Edna couldn't have babies and they thought about adopting, but never got around to it before they were too old. They both had full time jobs and didn't want to give up their luxuries to raise a family.” She shrugged. “Some people just aren't meant to raise children. At least Edna was honest about it."
    "When these people died, did you hear any rumors about their deaths?"
    "Nothing out of the ordinary. Except they all died in their sleep of so called heart failure,” Maggie said, raising her hands and letting them flop down on her thighs.
    Hawkman raised a brow. “You heard this about all of them?"
    Maggie nodded. “Yes, now that I think about it."
    "Who said these things?"
    "Mostly the residents who were their friends."
    "Did you know if any of them had heart conditions?"
    "We know Ronald did,” George said. “Edna felt more

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