Shana Galen - [A Lord & Lady Spy Novella]

Shana Galen - [A Lord & Lady Spy Novella] by The Spy Wore Blue Read Free Book Online

Book: Shana Galen - [A Lord & Lady Spy Novella] by The Spy Wore Blue Read Free Book Online
Authors: The Spy Wore Blue
easy it would be to drag the tunic over her head, loose her stays, and push his mouth to her aching flesh.
    “—looked in her dressing room?” came a disembodied voice. She only heard the end of the statement because Blue pulled back from her. Even as she heard the words, she was crying out, grabbing him back. She needed his arms around her as she needed air to breathe. She gulped, trying to catch her breath, feeling like a fish floundering on the shore.
    “Ernest,” she begged, and she wanted to be ashamed of the need in her voice, but she couldn’t seem to muster any emotion but desire.
    “Shh.” He pressed a finger over her lips, and she fought the urge to take it in her mouth. “They’ve returned.”
    “Who?” Why did he not kiss her again?
    “The company.”
    “Oh. Oh .” She stepped away from him, straightening her tunic and feeling her hair. She caught a glimpse of herself in the mirror in the corner and wished she hadn’t. Her eyes were bright, her lips swollen, and her face flushed. She looked thoroughly debauched.
    When she looked back, Blue was watching her. “I didn’t mean for it to go that far.”
    “We never do,” she said, thinking of all the times they’d tried to keep away from one another and ended up twined in each other’s arms. Once she had thought they were fated to be together. But Fate was a cruel mistress.
    He looked away. “I’ll go out first. You change back into your gown and come in a few moments.”
    She nodded. She was used to subterfuge with him. She’d thought when they married, they would no longer have to pretend, but it appeared some things never changed. And why should they? she thought as he opened her door and slipped out. He was a master of disguise. She had taught him the art of false appearance—costume, makeup, wigs—and now even she did not know who he really was.
    But she did know two facts about Ernest Bloomington. First, she was going to take him to bed. Second, he was going to leave her again.
    Blue said nothing during the investigation and questioning that followed. He watched and he listened and he tried his damnedest not to think about Helena. He finally saw Signor Pacca up close. The man was as much a fool as he’d expected. No one with a mustard seed of sense wronged the Maîtriser group. He must have known Luca’s death was no accident. The Maîtriser group would have sent him threats, but he pretended to be as shocked as everyone else. Pacca was fortunate Foncé was in hiding at the moment, the Barbican group hot on his heels. If Foncé had come after Pacca, the man would already be dead.
    Reaper was not quite so efficient.
    And then there was the nagging thought that perhaps Pacca was not the real target at all. Perhaps Pacca was a convenient tool to lure Blue here. How else to explain the masked man trailing him the past couple of days?
    Blue watched Helena as she moved among her fellow singers and dancers. She was calm and comforting, not at all the woman he remembered in that respect. She used to feed on drama. Now she tried to quell it. He shouldn’t have kissed her. She’d said she could resist him, and for some reason he had to prove she could not. The kiss had only frustrated him because he wanted her more, and he still knew it would never work between them. He’d tried once and failed. She’d failed him. Even if he could forgive her, which he did not think he could, they were too different.
    Finally, the interviews were over and the company was released to return to their homes. Pacca canceled rehearsals for the following day, and everyone dispersed. Blue had a hotel, but he followed Helena home, intent on making certain she arrived safely. When he saw the lamp light the windows of her room, he returned to his hotel. He tried to sleep, but every time he allowed his mind to rest, it conjured images of Helena. He could keep her at bay if he concentrated on work, and he read document after document about Reaper and the

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