Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part One

Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part One by Rosette Bolter Read Free Book Online

Book: Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part One by Rosette Bolter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rosette Bolter
King would be able to cut it clean off.
    “It really is
such a shame,” the King mused. “You’re my best fighter. What a terrible end
that a woman come between us at this horrendous time.”
    The King
poised his sword, ready for the execution.
    “Spare him,”
Stacey suddenly cried. “Spare him and he will do as you wish.”
    “No,” the
King said. “He’ll still be after what he wants.”
there’s a way for you to both have what you want.”
    “Stop it,
Stacey,” Zane pleaded. “There’s no way out of this.”
    “What if
everyone gets what they want. The King gets his war. You fight for him. And
I’ll just be both of yours. You can share me. My freedom, is not something I
    The King
breathed in sharply. “I don’t believe this. The utter ignorance of this girl.”
Stacey whispered. “It could work.”
    “Zane won’t
share. Zane’s incapable –”
    “No,” Zane
said. “I can do that.”
    “But how
would it work? What if I want her for more than just the sex?”
means I’ll spend equal amounts of time with you. So when I’m with Zane he’ll do
what he wants with me, and when I’m with you, likewise. And then the two of you
can be at peace with each other. Everyone wins.”
    “So you agree
with this, Zane?” the King asked.
    “I agree.”
the King said, raising his voice. “But you are never able to challenge me to a
duel again. You have revoked your right for that. The duel has been played and
you have lost. If I should be stabbed in the back by him, the men must put you
to do death. They must swear to the Dragon Spirits, that they shall do this. Does
everyone understand?”
    There was a
sweeping fusion of agreement around the room.
    “Good,” the
King said. “You can stand up now.”
    Zane stood
    “Everyone get
back to your feast.”
    Stacey moved
to stand beside Zane whilst the King went back to his table.
    “Why did you
do that?” Zane asked.
Stacey mumbled.
    “Why did you
figure out a way to save me and not yourself?”
    “Because I
love you,” Stacey said.
    She took his
hand and he held hers back.

    The palace banquet continued on into
the late hours of the night. Everyone was behaving with ease again, talking
merrily, drinking and eating their full. Stacey was no longer challenged or
threatened with humiliation from the King and his mood seemed to improve
greatly as the festivities carried on. Zane on the other hand was very tense.
The arrangement she now had with the King was sure to be eating away at him.
Stacey hoped that he understood that no matter what happened between her and
the King, it was Zane who had her heart.
    Eventually it
was time for the people to retire to their homes and quarters. The King was
also sleepy by his own admission, and he was to return to his chambers with
Stacey that night. While Zane had been at first angered by the suggestion that
Stacey have intercourse with the King so soon, he agreed to it on the condition
that he would be allowed in the room to watch it take place. As far as Stacey
understood, his reasoning for this was that he wanted to make sure the King
didn’t treat her badly, at least not tonight. And while this might prevent
Stacey being hurt, it wouldn’t prevent Zane’s own hurt.
    Inside the
King’s chambers, Zane took a seat in the shadowed corner whilst the King sat
naked on the edge of his bed, with Stacey standing in front of him.
    “I said a lot
of nasty things about you out there,” the King said, running his hand across
her dress. “But you really are beautiful for a human.”
    “Thank you,”
Stacey replied nervously.
    “Now, please,
take off your clothes.”
    She looked
over her shoulder, as she did so, in Zane’s direction. Wanting to connect with
him. Wanting him to know that she didn’t blame him for this.
    The dress
fell to Stacey’s feet. The King pulled off her panties and bra and began moving

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