Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part Two

Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part Two by Rosette Bolter Read Free Book Online

Book: Shared By The Dragon Clan: Part Two by Rosette Bolter Read Free Book Online
Authors: Rosette Bolter
sudden he was on top of her, tearing hers off. He smothered her with
hard kisses. He bit her neck enough that it hurt. He bit her ears. He bit her
    This was
getting wild.
    His firm
hands centered around her backside, as he slid her panties off. Without
hesitation he forced himself inside of her and the bed began to rock.
    It was like
being fucked by a drill hammer. Zane was so aggressive now, he barely looked at
her other than we he was grabbing at her face, to almost manipulate it. For
Stacey, it felt good, a little too good, but because she didn’t know where it
was coming from she was unable to fully enjoy it.
    It just felt
so different to how it had before, she didn’t know what to make of it.
    If something
had happened that had caused Zane to want to fuck her this way, then she should
at least understand it. Then again, he was her Master. He was not hers to
    Zane flipped
her over on her stomach and spread her legs to be fucked doggystyle. It went
ahead, rough as guts, and he was clearly enjoying it. She noticed though his
cock wasn’t burning up inside her the way it had before – it wasn’t even warm.
The longer and harder he fucked her, his prick became colder and colder still,
until it felt like it had been just taken out of the fridge. His arms were cold
now too. His fingers at her tits, his lips at her neck, so cold.
    This was bad.
really had happened.
    “Ooh Stacey,”
Zane moaned. “That’s so good.”
    She blinked.
    It was only a
breath away.
    He never
calls me that. He never, ever, ever calls me my real name – he – he –
    It wasn’t

    Too late. Already, there was someone
outside the door, and they were pounding loudly.
    The man
fucking Stacey cursed, but didn’t stop.
    Zane’s voice
outside rang out – “Blossom? Open the door, please!”
    The man
grunted and then shot his ice cold sperm into her. Then discarded her.
    As Stacey
gripped the nearest pillow for comfort, she watched as the man she previously
thought to be Zane, morph into his true form, Conrad.
    “No,” Stacey
whispered. “No,  no, no…”
    The door
burst off its hinges and Zane stormed into confront them. His eyes darted from
his naked brother to Stacey clutching the pillow.
    “Um…” Conrad
mumbled. “Sorry?”
    Zane roared
angrily and then punched Conrad square in the face. He rammed his fist into his
gut and sent him flying to the other side of the room. Conrad started to get up
and Zane kicked him. He kicked him until he didn’t get up.
    Then his gaze
met with Stacey’s.
    “I don’t ever
want to see you again,” he snapped. And then abruptly turned to leave.
Stacey wailed. “I didn’t know –”
    Zane was
already gone from the room. Stacey crawled off the bed and grasped what was
left of her clothes. She put the remains of her dress on and limped back down
towards the stairs.
    “Master?” she
cried, running down. “Master?”
    Suddenly the
Human Mage appeared in her path. “Going somewhere?”
screamed and then ran back up the stairs looking for an exit.
    Broken and
bloodied, Conrad was standing in the middle there. He wiped the blood from his
nose and scooped her up effortlessly.
    “Come on,” he
said. “I want to show you something.”

    Conrad brought her into his study,
and moved quickly across it to the window behind the chair. He placed Stacey in
front of it as she struggled to get out of his grasp.
Conrad commanded. “Watch.”
    Stacey’s eyes
met with Zane in the middle of the garden. Surrounding ever wall there were all
the human dragons from Firebound Island, in uniform and waiting. She watched as
Zane looked in all directions, searching for a means of escape.
    “You are
finished,” came a voice from behind him. “This is your end.”
    The Human
Mage stepped out from the house to meet Zane in the courtyard.
    “No!” Stacey
screamed. “You can’t let

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