Sheikh's Untouched Woman

Sheikh's Untouched Woman by Kylie Knight Read Free Book Online

Book: Sheikh's Untouched Woman by Kylie Knight Read Free Book Online
Authors: Kylie Knight
Tags: Billionaire Bachelors
said before picking up his book again.
    “I will!” Monica headed back inside and quickly scribbled down Scarlett’s address before heading out to her car, she couldn’t wait to be on the road.
    Monica made the first few hours of the drive before she even knew what was happening. She was so excited to be on her way to LA that she even ran a few red lights on her way out of town. It was going to be a long drive to LA, longer than any other road trip she’d ever been on, and she was traveling alone this time, so she was a bit worried about being bored during the trip. She had brought a few audio books and her favorite songs were loaded on her iPod so that she could plug it in and play it. Monica’s car was a cute little blue Volkswagen beetle. She had bought it her last year of high school with the money she had saved up from her part time jobs, with a little help from her parents too. She loved this car, it was very versatile and it had an awesome sunroof that opened so far that she almost felt like it was a convertible.
    After about 15 hours of driving, with many little stops along the way to sightsee and rest breaks, and even a big lunch at a nice cafe, Monica started looking around for a hotel to sleep at for the night. She was in Texas, near Houston and saw a lot of signs for hotels. There was one called the Marriott and it had a lot of advertising along the highway, so since it was basically directing her how to get to it, Monica made the turn onto the exit and headed towards the Marriott.
    When she pulled up, a Valet asked if she would be staying the night, and he parked her car for her, giving her a little ticket to pick it up the next morning. Monica headed into the hotel lobby and saw a big promotional poster set up in the lobby that read,
    “Meet the man who wrote “Get Rich, Get into Oil. Christopher Hardy! Reading an excerpt from his bestselling book today in Conference room A.”
    Monica had never heard of that book, but the name of the author sounded familiar. There was no picture of him to jog her memory, so she kept walking up to the desk to check in and gave up on trying to remember where she had heard that name before.
    “Good evening Miss. Welcome to the Marriott, are you checking in?” A polite man in a uniform said to her as she approached the desk.
    “Yes, I don’t have a reservation, but I was hoping to have a room for just one night. I’m driving through town and my eyes are getting very tired!” Monica laughed and smiled.
    “Let me see if we have anything available, we’re hosting a big event and a lot of our rooms have been filled up.” The man scrolled through things on his computer screen for a minute or so. “Oh look! You’re in luck. I have one last room available, it’s got a king size bed and it’s a very comfortable suite.”
    “King size bed? It’s just me!” Monica thought that sounded expensive.
    “I know, but unfortunately that is all we have available right now because of the event tomorrow.” The man looked sadly at her for a second and then smiled, “You know what? How about I give you 10% discount off the room, just because?”
    “Just because why?” Monica smiled back at him.
    “Just because you are pretty cute and you look very tired and I want to help you out here.” The man laughed.
    “Oh, alright then, it’s better than going around trying to find another hotel to stay at, I am already exhausted.” Monica set her purse down on the counter and pulled out her wallet.
    “Wonderful! Well, you will get an incredible sleep in that King size bed, it’s extremely comfortable! That will be $229.00 including taxes, after the 10% discount, and I will need to see your driver license please.”
    “Wow, $229.00 for one night!”
    “Again, I apologize, but it’s the only room we have available right now, and regularly that room goes for $289.00.” The man smiled sadly at her.
    “It will have to do.” She opened her wallet and pulled out her Visa

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