She's Got Game

She's Got Game by Veronica Chambers Read Free Book Online

Book: She's Got Game by Veronica Chambers Read Free Book Online
Authors: Veronica Chambers
Tags: Fiction - Young Adult
    â€œWe’re done,” Jamie said, waving him in. “Join us.”
    She quickly filled Gaz in on the Princess of Tides theme.
    â€œWe’ve never done a quince on a boat,” Gaz said. “That sounds pretty sweet. Do you know yet whether you want a DJ or live music?”
    â€œWe recommend live,” Alicia chimed in.
    â€œLive music, definitely,” Binky agreed.
    Gaz handed her a CD. “This is my band’s music. Listen and see what you think. If it’s totally not your thing, we can hire another group or look into the DJ option. It’s your big day, so we want to do what will make you happy.”
    â€œTrust me, Binky. Gaz’s band is straight off the hook. He’s one of the hottest up-and-coming indie musicians in the Miami area. You and your friends are going to go nuts when you hear his music. He’s that good,” boasted Alicia.
    Gaz rolled his eyes as Binky laughed good-naturedly. “And, of course, you’re not prejudiced or anything, right?”
    â€œMe? Never,” replied Alicia, feigning shock at the thought. “Okay, moving on. Logistics,” she continued. They had the venue—hopefully—and the priest—double-hopefully—but that was just the start. “How many people can you fit on the Santa Maria ?”
    â€œOh, we wouldn’t have it on the Santa Maria . She’s not a yacht, she’s just the ferryboat,” Binky said. “The big boat is the Uptick . My dad had a company retreat on it last year, and I think they said that the capacity was two hundred fifty. That’s plenty; I wasn’t planning on inviting more than that.”
    â€œGreat,” Alicia said. “Well, you talk to your father about the quince and make sure he signs off on using the boat, and let’s find out out what kind of restrictions they might have about safety, medical care, catering, and having minors on board.”
    Binky looked surprised. “Whoa, way to sound so grown-up.”
    Alicia shrugged. “It’s our business, and we’ve learned a lot along the way.”
    â€œWell, I’m impressed,” Binky said.
    Alicia smiled and once again looked down at her clipboard. “Okay. Invitations. We need to get them out right away. Jamie, can you handle that?”
    Jamie wrote something down on her own clipboard. “Of course. Binky, any requests?”
    â€œHmm…Well, as I told you, orange is my signature color,” she said. “So, something with that?”
    â€œRight, I remember you said that.” Jamie skimmed the quince planning guidelines that Alicia had typed up for Amigas Inc.
    â€œOrange is a good base. What are you thinking Jamie?” Alicia asked. “I bet you have some ideas already.”
    Jamie turned to a clean sheet of her notepad and drew a sketch. “I was thinking with the theme that it would be so cool if the invitations came as a message in a bottle, with seashells and filled with sand.”
    â€œWhat do you think, Binky?” Alicia asked.
    â€œI love it,” she said. “Maybe I could handwrite each invite with a special message to my guests.”
    â€œWell, that would depend what your handwriting is like,” Carmen said. She’d been quiet for a while, sketching on her own pad.
    Binky made a face. “My handwriting bites.”
    â€œI can do them,” said Jamie. “I did that course in calligraphy.”
    â€œAwesome,” Alicia said. “This is going great. What’s next?”
    â€œIf the invitation is in a bottle, then we’re going to need to deliver each one personally,” Jamie said. “You can’t put these in the mail.”
    â€œSounds like a job for the boyfriends,” Carmen said, smiling slyly.
    Gaz took the opportunity to interject, “Because message-in-a-bottle invitations are so-o-o manly.” He shot a look at Alicia but then smiled. “We’ll do it.

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