SHTF (NOLA Zombie Book 0)

SHTF (NOLA Zombie Book 0) by Gillian Zane Read Free Book Online

Book: SHTF (NOLA Zombie Book 0) by Gillian Zane Read Free Book Online
Authors: Gillian Zane
a big fan of those movies you did with the guy that looks perpetually constipated."
    "That could be a few of my movies," she laughed.
    "I'm sorry, I'm not big into movies, I think it was based on a book or series or something, she was telling me about it, but I can't remember."
    "Yeah, The Lost Times, those basically made me famous," she said and smiled. "How old is your sister?"
    "She's about to turn fifteen. She wants me to have full custody of her, probably because I'm more laid back than my brother and his wife. She probably also thinks she would get away with more with me, than with Hank and Barbara, she's really been acting up this past year. But, I just can't, I'm out of the country too much, but when I'm here, I let her stay over."
    "That's sweet of you," she said, looking around the room that I had painted in purple and teal stripes.
    "She's been through a lot, it's the least I can do."
    "Did you lose your parents?"
    "Yeah, a few years ago, drunk driver."
     "I'm sorry," she said and her face made that sad, pitying look that I was used to whenever I mentioned my parents’ death.
    "Thank you." It was all you could really say.
    "You really are sweeter than you look, Romeo." She placed her hand on my chest and reached up on her tip-toes...I thought at first she would kiss me and I was going through a million reaction scenarios to figure out what I would do in that split second. Should I kiss her back? Should I step back and give her my spiel about client relations...or should I just say fuck it, how many times do you get the chance to hook-up with a movie star? But, she didn't give me the opportunity, she didn't try to kiss me, or at least she didn't try to kiss me on the lips. She left a chaste kiss on my cheek and then she turned around.
    "Night, Romeo," she murmured before the door gently shut.
    Well, that solves that problem.


World Gone Mad
    T HERE was no way I was going to sleep. Not with everything that had happened tonight and the fact that I had a movie star sleeping in the bedroom down the hall.
    No sleep for me.
    I went to the front room and turned on the television and began scrolling through newscast after newscast. Lena was right, the national news channels were spinning stories of small outbreaks in only New York, Atlanta, and Miami. There was nothing about New Orleans and they were all saying that the infections were quarantined at the hospitals. It was contained and the patients were in recovery. Bullshit .
    There was nothing on the national news about a Los Angeles, or Las Vegas outbreak. Nothing about crazy roommates in New Orleans that were trying to eat people. Nothing about the infection causing victims to attack anything that moved. They spun it like it was an unknown transmission and the infected were quietly riding out the virus in a hospital bed.
    The local news was no better, just more of the same, just like that radio broadcast from earlier. They were reporting on a possible infection in the area, and that the emergency broadcasts went a bit overboard. The mayor was quoted as saying, "we just wanted to be cautious" and that there would be a press conference tomorrow morning. There was nothing to worry about. More bullshit.
    Obviously, mainstream media wasn't going to cut it. I wasn't a tech guru like Flip, but I could make my way around a website. I started trolling the conservative, right-wing sites first. They were always happy to post a conspiracy theory and while I never agreed with their conclusion, their sources and facts usually had some truth to them, if you could wade through the crazy. I had a knack for spotting the truth.
    There was nothing on the conservative blogs. Posts were dated from three days ago, which struck me as odd–and like Martinez had mentioned earlier, the big ones that had reputable names were giving up 503 errors, meaning their servers were down.
    I got on Twitter and sought out a few of the hacktivists accounts that weren't any better than the

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