Sinister: A Paranormal Fantasy (Sinisters Book 1)

Sinister: A Paranormal Fantasy (Sinisters Book 1) by Colleen Fleshman Read Free Book Online

Book: Sinister: A Paranormal Fantasy (Sinisters Book 1) by Colleen Fleshman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Colleen Fleshman
sleeping before making any decisions. His mom always said every big decision required at least one night's rest.
    “What was that animal?” he demanded.
    Luke eyed him for a minute, and once again Matt got the uncomfortable feeling that he knew exactly what the boy was thinking. Then, to Matt’s surprise, he answered. “There are creatures of my world, just as there are of yours. Some exist for no particular purpose, but others have proven to be useful over the years. That—tiger—that appeared to you was one such creature. It is a retriever.”
    His world. It would take some time to get used to the casual way Luke dropped bombshells like that. “So where are you from? And what did that thing retrieve?”
    Luke gazed over the boy’s shoulder, and he had to resist the temptation to look behind him. Finally, he responded, “A soul.”
    “Souls?” Matt repeated, eyebrows arching so high that they nearly disappeared into his hair. “As in, people’s souls? Or sole, one thing? Or someone who lives in the capital of South Korea?”
    Luke stared at him blankly, a bemused expression on his face. Suddenly, he threw his head back and laughed so loudly Matt was surprised his neighbors didn’t come out to see what was causing the racket.
    As Luke’s chuckles subsided, he said, “I think I shall enjoy working with you.”
    Matt frowned. He’d been trying to annoy the man, not entertain him. His attempt didn’t seem to be working. He tried a different tack and waited with his arms crossed.
    “I am from another realm,” he answered, a smile still painted across his face. It made him look much more human. “I will give you more information as it is needed, that I promise you. For now I simply need to know if you will assist me.”
    The boy gritted his teeth again, irritated by Luke’s half-answers. “Why me?”
    Luke’s face had taken on a far-away look. “You are one of the few of your kind. You can do tremendous things--if you are willing. And as I mentioned earlier, you have a unique genetic makeup. You are one of only two people in the world with the abilities you have.”
    He frowned. "I thought you said you had a bunch of sinisters working for you."
    "Sinisters, yes, but every person is still unique. You have some abilities not even other sinisters have."
    "Huh." Matt was nonplussed. That strange new part of him was telling him to agree to help, but he sternly suppressed that part. It had no place in a decision. This required research.
    "I can't..." He shook his head. "I don't even know if I believe you. Besides, this whole thing has nothing to do with me!"
    Luke cocked his head to the side, studying Matt. "The health of your world has nothing to do with you?"
    When he put it like that, it sounded callous, not to mention selfish, but Luke was twisting his words.
    "That's not what I meant. I just...I can't save the world. I'm one person."
    "Yes, and you are sixteen. You mentioned that already. Joan of Arc was sixteen when she led her people against the English. People do great things regardless of their age. You just have to be willing to try."
    Joan of Arc. Why did people always toss out famous people when they wanted you to do something? Last weekend his mom had stopped in front of his Skyrim video game long enough to say that she could guess Bill Gates hadn't sat on his rear when he was sixteen playing video games. Neither she nor Luke seemed to understand that he was just an ordinary kid, not some super genius.
    "Well, if the English decide to attack here, sign me up," he answered, not bothering to hide the sarcasm in his voice.
    A hint of a smile touched Luke's lips. "Very well. As for Peter Caracalla, what is your answer?"
    Matt stared at him. The guy couldn't seem to get through his thick skull that he wasn't the right person to help. Still, it might be nice to feel like he was doing something important...but not without knowing what was really going on.
    "I told you, I need more time. And

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