Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father by Melissa Barker-Simpson Read Free Book Online

Book: Sins of the Father by Melissa Barker-Simpson Read Free Book Online
Authors: Melissa Barker-Simpson
Tags: Suspense, Romance, Crime, bodyguard, soldier
followed him out of the building.
It lightened his mood a little. Their conversation also drove home
that he had to take a step back from his personal feelings on the
    He worked on that as he
descended the steps to their small underground garage. The spaces
were empty apart from the RV they used for a mobile command, and
his own vehicle. Kelvin’s jeep was probably parked on the smaller
lot, used for temporary pit-stops. The fact that he found the
garage creepy was a great source of amusement.


    Alicia looked at the new
machine they’d installed in the gym and grimaced. Her muscles
already ached from the forty-minute workout – now her whole body
screamed in protest at the prospect of more abuse.
    “ Come on, ten
minutes on that baby and we’re home free,” Sarah said, grinning up
at her from the exercise mat.
    The room was set out so
that all the bigger machines were backed against a wall;
appropriate to muscle group. There were exercise mats in the
centre, like a runway to the torture zone. A series of treadmills
headed up the room, pointed in the direction of a plasma TV. So
far, they hadn’t even switched it on.
    Alicia looked towards the
wall of mirrors and met her friend’s eyes with renewed
determination. “Okay, but only because you’ve already tamed the
    Sarah chuckled as she
continued to stretch out. “You’re just annoyed Stu set the schedule
back, otherwise you’d have dodged our ritual sweat
    “ Maybe, but I
still don’t understand why we have to wait for the security guy.
There’re enough people around.”
    “ Brad Morgan
is a personal protection specialist. He is the best of the best.
Would you like me to give a rundown of his qualifications for the
    “ You have his
resume memorised?”
    “ That’s just
insulting, but I’ll forgive you because you’re going to suffer on
our new friend.” She motioned to the machine and raised her brows
in silent question – prompting Alicia’s reluctant movement towards
it. “Brad Morgan is a former Royal Marine. As is his partner,
Kelvin Fairchild. Together, with six other comrades, they make up
Morgan and Fairchild.”
    Alicia was trying to work
through the pain and found Sarah’s professional tone distracting.
“Tell me about their background,” she said, hoping it would pass
the few minutes she needed to break her stride.
    “ Well, we
have three green berets. Let’s start with Brad. He served for
twelve years, enlisting when he was eighteen and working his way to
the top. He has some serious recommendations, and from what I hear
he’s an all round good egg - a competent one at that.” She paused
when Alicia laughed at the expression. “Then we have his partner,
whose honours match Brad’s, as does his career path.”
    Alicia clenched her teeth
as the exertion threatened to beat back her control. “Okay, I get
it, they’re good.”
    “ I haven’t
finished.” Sarah could see her plan was working – Alicia only had a
few more reps to go. “The third marine served as a sniper. He
sounds interesting; made me want to dig a little deeper, but I
resisted. It didn’t seem polite.”
    “ You saw his
picture then?” Alicia snorted. She was feeling mean; the pain did
    “ My, you are
slow today. Please try to keep up. I met them, all of them,
yesterday afternoon.”
    That earned her an
exasperated glance from Alicia. “So, you’ve met the team and all
you give me are their career stats? Come on, hon, I need a little
more than that.”
    “ Okay, let me
tell you about Susannah. She heads up their little unit, but
pretends to give control to the men. She has military in the blood;
practically her whole family have served at some point or another.
She was a Royal Engineer, specialised in communications, and she
organises them like she’s manoeuvring troops on a battle field.
It’s scary stuff, but totally cool. Talking of scary, one of the
other female members was a Troop Commander in

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