Slaver's Bait: The Taking of Cheryl

Slaver's Bait: The Taking of Cheryl by Lizbeth Dusseau Read Free Book Online

Book: Slaver's Bait: The Taking of Cheryl by Lizbeth Dusseau Read Free Book Online
Authors: Lizbeth Dusseau
Tags: Erótica
upper frame with long, leather thongs, her ass raised up off the mattress. Cheryl was positioned in the direction of her feet. Cheryl had a clear view of Justine’s delicate little hairless lips. There was a mirror on the wall just opposite Justine’s head, and from where she lay, she could view her sister slave upside down, patiently awaiting her abuse.
    Stoner walked slowly up to Cheryl. She averted her eyes from his in fear. He placed his hands on her breasts, caressing them gently. He knew that her breasts were especially sensitive and that his efforts would soon produce a growing heat in her loins. He stroked the nipples, watching them harden, pinching them lightly. Cheryl shifted her weight nervously. She pressed her legs together, squeezing the little lips of her cunt. She hated herself for her nearly automatic lustful response to the handling of her prominent mounds.
    Stoner leaned over and took one of her nipples in his mouth. He sucked on it gently, swirling his tongue around its tip. He was teasing her, delivering a tantalizing preliminary to the main event. He reached down and sought her moistening slit. Obediently, Cheryl spread her legs. Stoner did not abide reluctance in his whores and considered their intimate parts his and his alone. Their bearers had no right to them superior to his own.
    Forcing his fingers inside the dilating hole, he spread her moistness over the tender folds of her cunt. He flicked his fingers over the little nub at the apex. His efforts garnished a moan from the helpless girl. Cheryl could never get wholly inured to being used as Stoner’s whore. She obeyed him, succumbed to his desires, actively abetted her own degradation. But she despised her abaseness. She yearned for the courage to protest, to spit in the cruel man’s face. But she feared the merciless beating that would ensue more than she regretted her failure to act.
    Justine watched the enfolding tableaux in the mirror on the wall. She knew that Stoner would use her mouth ruthlessly. Her spread legs invited penetration. Her hands had been fastened to her sides by a broad cloth belt. She would be unable to fend off Stoner’s assault. She knew that Cheryl’s promised beating did not preclude Stoner administering the whip to her flesh. When the ruthless man became enflamed with lust, anything could happen. She had been Stoner’s prisoner for almost two years. She had seen her predecessors and those that came after mercilessly tormented by him many times. She, herself, had suffered from his tortures. Watching him take his pleasure with Cheryl’s body, she knew that her turn would come.
    Cheryl was now reaching towards a crescendo of lust. Stoner had switched tits and sucked hard, pulling at her nipple with his teeth. She ground her hips into the man’s rough hand, her movements involuntary, a product of forced desire. Stoner released her teat and looked into her face. He smiled, congratulating himself on his ability to render this slave a prisoner of her own lusts.
    While Stoner was manhandling the young woman, his third wife was kneeling on her bed in the wives’ dormitory. Her breasts were crushed onto her knees, her back arched, presenting her rear passage to Stoner’s slave-master. Jeremiah had the right to use Stoner’s wives. Stoner enjoyed the thought of these helpless white women being subject to the penetration of Jeremiah’s long, thick, black dick. It increased their subservience and kept them in practice when he was away or otherwise engaged.
    Jeremiah was stroking his rigid cock slowly along the avenue of Mary’s bowels. His heavy hands gripped her hips as he plunged deeply inside and then drew himself back. Kneeling behind the moaning whore, he pressed his flesh against hers. He was a patient man who reveled in his pleasures. He enjoyed his mastery of his lord’s white bitches. He knew that his slow, methodical degradation of these women intensified their self-loathing and accentuated his command over

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