Sleepover Girls on the Range

Sleepover Girls on the Range by Fiona Cummings Read Free Book Online

Book: Sleepover Girls on the Range by Fiona Cummings Read Free Book Online
Authors: Fiona Cummings
    “Like the lassoing competition!” Kenny’s eyes lit up. “Now that could be
    We walked over to the show-ring, where Mrs McAllister often teaches. It had been marked out for the lassoing competition with lines at various distances. Standing on the first line was a papier mâché cow, whichStuart had also managed to borrow from his mate Sam’s father. (I don’t know what kind of business that man is in, but it all seems pretty strange to me!) Dad and Frankie’s dad were there practising with the lassos.
    “Look at them – they’re just like big kids!” I sighed.
    “I heard that!” Dad turned round and grinned at us. “I guess it’s the nearest we’re ever going to get to being real cowboys, so we’re just savouring the moment. Mrs Chandri asked if we’d help to organise the competition. You don’t mind, do you? It’s just that the campfire’s already going but there’s not much we can do until it’s time to cook. And Kenny’s dad said he’d keep his eye on it for a bit.”
    To tell you the truth, we were glad of the offer. Especially as the Gruesome Twosome had just appeared behind us, along with a few more people curious about the competition.
    “Sure Dad, go for it!”
    When a large enough crowd had gathered, Dad explained to everyone that the winnerwould be whoever managed to lasso the cow at the furthest distance. The prize was free videos for a month from the local video shop.
    “Right, could all competitors line up in front of me please, and could all spectators please remain behind the fence,” Dad ordered.
    Kenny and Frankie lined up to take part. Rosie, Fliss and I went round the far side to watch. I’d practised at home, and I knew that I couldn’t lasso an elephant if it was standing still in front of me!
    Rosie nudged me. “Look who’s joining in too!”
    Emma Hughes had barged to the front of the queue, and her little sidekick Emily Berryman was standing round the other side of the ring opposite us. A group of older boys were taking part, plus three women who were obviously just having a laugh until the line-dancing started and a few men, including Andy.
    The competition started with the boys. Two of them were very good and lassoed thecow after a couple of attempts, but the others were
They had their three tries and had to drop out of the competition! When it came to Kenny’s turn, she lassoed it without even
at it.
    “I think she’s been practising this at home, don’t you?” muttered Fliss.
    Frankie got it right on her third attempt. And so did Emma Hughes – worse luck.
    In the next round the cow was moved further away. A load of people had dropped out, so we figured the competition would be over pretty quickly.
    “That might be just as well,” said Rosie, looking up to the sky. “I’m sure I felt a drop of rain just then.”
    The sky was looking very black.
    “Come on Kenny, you can do it!” we yelled when it was her turn.
    This time she did look at the target – and lassoed it first time. Unfortunately Frankie missed it completely, so she came to join us.
    “I hope Emma Hughes misses, because she’s winding Kenny up big time,” she told us.
    But unfortunately, Emma didn’t.
    By the time the cow was moved again, there was only Emma, Kenny, one of the boys and Andy left in. When it came to Kenny’s turn, she turned to Emma and said:
    “Why don’t you go first?”
    Emma looked unsure, but the drops of rain were bigger and coming down faster and you could tell that she just wanted to get out of there. She took the lasso and had her three attempts, but missed each time.
    “Bad luck!” said Kenny sarcastically, taking the lasso from her.
    As Emma started to run with Emily towards shelter, along with the rest of the crowd, Kenny turned and grinned.
    “A moving target! Just what I like!”
    She raised the lasso above her head
and aimed for the M&Ms!
    “No Kenny,
    I could see disaster ahead! But

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