Snake Charmer

Snake Charmer by Zenina Masters Read Free Book Online

Book: Snake Charmer by Zenina Masters Read Free Book Online
Authors: Zenina Masters
Tags: Paranormal, Adult, Erotic Romance, shapeshifter
dotted with couches.
    “Let’s wait here. They will be along in a few minutes.”
    Wenda brought in some water with bits of fruit bobbing in it and set the tray with eight glasses on a low table.
    Yvena took the glass that was extended to her and got a bit of foreboding about the type of food served at the spa.
    With wide eyes, she looked at Liander. “No coffee?”
    He patted her thigh. “We can go into town to get you coffee.”
    “If you don’t want to see me in a zombie-like state of desperation for caffeination, then yes.” Her smile was bright as she sipped the water.
    “Noted.” He squeezed her knee lightly and sat back as two eager and one suspicious Morrison came in to meet her.
    Yvena rose to her feet and shook the hands of her new sisters and brother-in-law. They were a little nervous about meeting her, but she kept a friendly smile on her features and even Rowena managed a small smile and a word of congratulations.
    Yvena was surprised to meet her husband’s twin, Liana. The resemblance was bizarre.
    Liana looked at her with the same concerned empathy and gray eyes that Liander did. “You look very tired, Yvena. Are you not sleeping well?”
    “I am working through some things.” She smiled and sat next to Liander again.
    The group of Morrisons stared at her, and she sat in the curve of Liander’s arm. “Ask what you like. I know there must be questions.”
    Rowena sat straight. “Lian said you are a cobra, is that true?”
    “King cobra, yes. Different genus.”
    The siblings shifted and gave each other small telling looks.
    Liana cocked her head. “Why did Lian have to quit his job at the recovery centre? Was it your requirement?”
    Yvena looked at the older couple standing in the doorway and focussed on her audience. “Liander was my keeper. He kept an eye on me during my recovery, and it would have been unethical for him to pursue me while he was still employed there in any capacity. Once he had drawn the line between keeper and lover, he could meet up with me again.”
    Brian asked, “Did you agree to meet with him at the Crossroads?”
    Yvena shook her head. “No, I was planning to go there once I was released from the recovery centre. I told him of my plans when I was being discharged, and we said goodbye.”
    Liander’s parents came into the room. His mother smiled, “Perhaps you could tell us all why you were there in the first place. That is causing more consternation than anything else.”
    Yvena grabbed Liander’s hand and gave it a squeeze. “I think you had better sit down. It is a bit of a tale. Even Liander hasn’t heard it all; he only saw the aftereffects. Now that he is stuck with me, he might as well here the whole thing.”

Chapter Eight
    “I am sure that you are aware of the stolen shifters who were taken for harvest.” She sipped at the fruit water and fought not to gulp in the strawberry.
    The family nodded.
    Yvena looked toward the open door. “Will we be interrupted?”
    Mr. Morrison shook his head. “They are all in the meditation centre for an hour.”
    She sighed. “Well, as I was saying, there was a group of young male lion shifters who were paying for information leading to certain exotics who could be used in human mage-craft. I have been donating my venom for years and I am guessing that the source I provide the venom to leaked the information to those seeking a snake of my kind.”
    “Donating your venom?” Rowena blinked.
    Yvena nodded. “I don’t need it and it can create two powerful spells. One is the revenge spell that is commonly known; the other is a vision of the person who caused a premature death. Both spells can be expensive, so by donating my venom, I could bring a little information and closure into the families who needed that knowledge.
    “Anyway, I was at home preparing an order for one of the shops that stocks my cards and there was a knock at the door. I ignored it because I wasn’t expecting anyone and the lock

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