Snow Job

Snow Job by Delphine Dryden Read Free Book Online

Book: Snow Job by Delphine Dryden Read Free Book Online
Authors: Delphine Dryden
ruined Christmas. I stil don’t understand how nobody has told your grandparents about the separation. I mean, it’s been eleven months. In al that time, nobody spil ed the beans?”
    For the first time that evening, Emily looked slightly uncomfortable. “I think, to be perfectly honest, we’ve al sort of let ourselves think that things were going to work out if, you know…if we al just backed off. That you two would work it out. Mom stil thinks that. She said she isn’t even going to mention this whole Christmas arrangement, she’s just going to pretend everything’s back to normal and hope it rubs off on you, so you come to your senses.”
    Elyce mul ed that over in silence for a moment while Emily rose with the newly emptied pizza box to take it into the kitchen.
    “Is that true?” Elyce asked Kel y, who stil sat eating her pizza and staring at the resumed show on the television. “Is that what you’ve al been thinking this whole time?”
    Kel y nodded, not especial y happily, and wound an unruly strand of cheese back down to the pizza slice. “You guys were just always such a great couple. I stil can’t real y figure it out. I mean, you like each other stil . I don’t get it.
    But I know I’m not the one in the middle of the situation, so I try not to judge.”
    “He’s just… I can’t condone it. Land development? I don’t want to offend anyone…I don’t hold it against any of you. I know it’s just what the family has always done. But it isn’t even particularly green development either, or at least it hasn’t been in the past. He knew my stance on the environment long before we got married. It was one of the things we had in common. And I thought we were on the same page. This isn’t a negotiable issue with me.”
    “I think we al know that now. But you knew what the family business was before you got married too,” Kel y pointed out.

    “I respect everybody else’s opinion on the issue, Kel y.
    Real y, I do. Even if I can’t agree, I do know that not everyone feels the same way about this. I know it’s their livelihood and it’s their tradition. But it wasn’t Karl’s livelihood. He had a job he enjoyed in another field and then deliberately, knowingly, chose to go to work in this business instead. It felt like a betrayal of trust, and that isn’t something I can just let go.”
    An awkward silence fel between the two until Emily returned from the kitchen and shooed Astro from her spot on the couch, which he’d occupied as soon as her back was turned. “Check out the capri pants on that one.” She gestured to the television, where a makeover victim was being scolded for her insistence on wearing comfortable clothes. “Seriously, what was she thinking? Those things make her look like a trol dol .”
    “Not to mention those nasty flip-flops,” Kel y agreed.
    “They look like overused shower shoes. They’re gonna rake her over the coals about those.”
    And so the rest of the evening passed more pleasantly than it had begun, in a haze of wine and wardrobe critique, and Elyce ended up sleeping on a couch for the second night in a row.
    She had to admit after she woke the next morning that Emily’s couch was more comfortable than her own, primarily because it was ful -length rather than loveseat-size. She might have to abandon her plan to avoid spending money on new furniture and indulge in a couch that was a little more conducive to sleep. Astro, too, seemed to have passed a pleasant night. His morning stretch was particularly long and indulgent, and he shook himself out afterward with a lengthy wag at the end, as if he had slept especial y wel and felt even more vigorous than usual.
    Elyce felt better than she felt she deserved to, given the quantity of wine she’d consumed the night before. It had been too long, she realized, since she’d gotten together with a few girlfriends and just talked things through.
    Regardless of what happened over Christmas, she resolved to spend

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