Snow White

Snow White by Jenni James Read Free Book Online

Book: Snow White by Jenni James Read Free Book Online
Authors: Jenni James
Tags: Young Adult, Fairy Tale, clean fiction
want to take it down? You, my son, are the one who has become possessive and mad. Not I.”
    He was about to speak when he noticed green mist coming from the frame of the mirror. “What is that?”
    “Mirror?” His mother pushed him aside completely. “Mirror? Are you attempting to speak to me?”
    “Do not talk to it!”
    “Hush, Corlan. Silence yourself or leave this room immediately.” The green mist continued to pour out onto the ground. “Mirror?” Melantha’s fingers reached out and played with the smoke. It twirled about her hand and wound up her arm.
    “Mother!” He wanted to pull her away but found himself frozen, completely unable to move his body.
    And then he watched in growing fascination as the green mist rose from the ground and completely enveloped her, twisting and winding itself around his mother from her feet to the tips of her hair. It covered her in a mystical green glow.
    His jaw locked and his breathing became labored. Slowly he felt his airways closing before him as his mother chanted in an eerie voice he did not recognize.
    “Mirror, mirror, on the wall.
    What splendor have ye provided us all?
    Here we be, both good and proud,
    Wise man, foolish man, the brave and the cowed.
    ‘Tis I who stands by the glass
    Thine utmost exemplar to be at last.
    Ye with all thy wisdom foresee,
    And remember—give the glory to me.”

    CORLAN PULLED SNOW INTO the library and put the large book of legends back where it went. “I am telling you, it was the most terrifying thing I have ever witnessed.”
    “It sounds like it was!” she exclaimed, still speaking in a hushed tone. “Did the mirror converse with her?”
    “Yes!” He looked around the room. Seeing they were completely alone, he walked her to the furthest point from the door, yet positioned himself so he would know if anyone came in. “There I was, frozen, not able to move, and the mirror came to life. A man’s head could be seen speaking with my mother—it was not her reflection at all! My ears were shut off and I could not make out what was being said, but I am telling you, whatever it was, my mother has not been the same since.”
    “Yes, I said hello to her a few moments ago and she gave me a look that would have shot daggers if it could.” She clutched his arm. “What should we do?”
    “I do not know. I will try to ascertain what exactly is happening to her, what lunacy is beginning to control her mind so we may discern what she plans to do. But, Snow, I warn you now—do not ever go into her quarters again. Do not do it.”
    He paused as a maid came into the library and put a small book upon a shelf. She curtsied at the couple, but quickly went on her way.
    “When I was finally released from the bizarre enchantment the mirror placed over me, I collapsed to the ground. It took several deep breaths before I was well enough again to walk out of there.”
    “Corlan, no! Do not say such things. I cannot bear to hear of you experiencing this.”
    “I am fine, truly. However, until we can come up with a better solution, it is best that you and Raven stay clear of her completely. Do not even be tempted to take a peek at that mirror. I worry about the evil it controls.”
    She nodded before her wide eyes grew more concerned. “Corlan, I am so sorry this is happening to Melantha. How difficult for you to face. ‘Tis not fair.”
    “No, it is not, though I worry for your father as well. Herbert is a good man, and from the legends I read, almost every spouse of those who owned the mirror were killed.”
    She gasped and covered her mouth.
    He could have kicked himself for being such a fool. Why would he say such a thing to her? That was the absolute worst thing to reveal at such a time. “Snow, I am sorry. Forgive me—I should not have let that slip.”
    “Nay.” She shook her head, blinking.
    He could tell the emotions were too much for her. Good heavens, now he had made her cry. Such a charming prince had never

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