Snowflake Bay

Snowflake Bay by Donna Kauffman Read Free Book Online

Book: Snowflake Bay by Donna Kauffman Read Free Book Online
Authors: Donna Kauffman
bothered. He might not have spent much time with his closest childhood friend of late, but his bond with Logan was such that no matter how much time passed between visits, they were family, born and raised, and nothing could ever change that. Any time lapse between them immediately evaporated the moment they were back in the same space. “Okay, so maybe it wouldn’t break my heart if her folks saw it and had second thoughts about their daughter slumming it with a glorified groundskeeper.”
    â€œYou’re hardly that,” Logan said. “But why would they want to clutter their closed minds with actual reality?”
    â€œExactly. Annalise is with some doctor now.”
    â€œWhat? When did that happen?”
    Ben laughed. “We really have been out of touch way too long. She’s been with Dr. Biff Backsley III for almost a year now. Longer actually, as I’m pretty sure they were shacking up before I finally called it quits for good.”
    â€œBiff Backsley? Seriously? Now you’re just making shit up.”
    Ben spread his arms out and laughed as he shook his head. “My imagination runs more toward creative landscaping solutions. I couldn’t make that up if I tried. Oxford undergrad, Harvard Medical School. His family is both old New England money and old actual England money.”
    â€œYou seem to know a fair amount about the guy,” Logan said, eyebrow lifted.
    â€œWhat, like I went and Googled him? Please. Annalise made sure I knew. I’m happy for the guy, truly. Now she can focus on fucking up his head instead.”
    Logan chuckled and nodded. “I won’t get into the ‘I told you sos’ since I gave that up when you got back together after the first time she cheated on you.”
    â€œYeah, fool me once, shame on her, I know, I know,” he said. “But all the lessons have been learned now. Trust me.”
    â€œSo, the Mandervilles won the son-in-law lottery after all,” Logan said. “I wonder if Annalise got a finder’s fee.”
    Ben laughed at that, happy he was finally at a place in his life that he could truly find it funny. It had taken a good long while, but Annalise was no longer the one who got away. More like the one he was thankful to have lost.
    He glanced up to find Logan looking at him again, in that way only brothers or other family could.
    â€œYou really are past it, aren’t you?” he asked, relief clear on his face.
    He nodded. “I won’t lie. I wasn’t the most fun guy to be around for a good while, but yes, well done and past.”
    â€œDo you and Annalise communicate at all? No chance of things becoming—”
    â€œOn again?” Ben shook his head. “None. And that’s a very good thing.” And that was all that needed saying.
    Logan held his gaze a beat longer, then nodded, accepting the truth of it. “Anybody else on the radar?” Ben shook his head. Logan turned and leaned back on the rail that surrounded the lighthouse lens, folding his arms as he shifted his gaze back to the horizon.
    â€œIt’s good to be back up here,” Ben said, after a moment of companionable silence. “Puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?”
    Logan nodded. Another minute passed, and then he said, “So, your folks. What’s up with your dad? I’m trying to picture the discussion that ended with him willingly moving south and away from the farm, but I just can’t imagine it.”
    Ben grinned, even though he wanted to rub at the twinge in his heart. His grip tightened slightly on the rail that surrounded the lens housing. “You can thank my mom for that little miracle. Me, the doctors, we all talked to him until we were blue in the face. She takes him quietly aside and suddenly they’re packing up and it’s all like it was his idea and what the hell are we sitting around for, can’t we see there’s packing to be

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