SODIUM:2 Apocalypse

SODIUM:2 Apocalypse by Stephen Arseneault Read Free Book Online

Book: SODIUM:2 Apocalypse by Stephen Arseneault Read Free Book Online
Authors: Stephen Arseneault
Tags: Sci Fi & Fantasy
in good shape and with a little care it could be a treasure trove of food. And, it would beat the daylights out of the dried foods I had been nursing my way through the last four days. The dried goods were emergency rations and anything I could do to preserve them for later I felt would only work in my favor.
    I began looking for any tools that might be of use to me in my struggle. I had once helped John rope up a couple of his bulls for hitching to an old wagon; he would occasionally take his grand kids and their friends on hayrides. After hitching up the wagon the next few hours were spent hauling salvage to the bunker. I felt bad taking it, but these were dire circumstances and I knew John would have wanted me to.
    As the Sun of the day began to set I thought I might try my luck with the fish. The walkway out onto the dock was covered overhead by one of the big oaks, giving me the cover from above that I so desperately sought. It had been almost five days since I last had contact with another person. The radio and TV stations were all silent and there was no internet to speak of. There were no planes in the sky and absolutely no sound of Man whatsoever.
    As I cast into the calm waters I wondered if the great civilization of Man had been wiped from the face of the earth... crushed and defeated in less than a week. Were there other survivors out there like me? Was I alone? I desperately wanted to know, but my immediate needs were focused on my survival. I decided then that I was in need of a plan. I wanted to live, even if I was the only person left on Earth.

Chapter 6

    My next day’s adventure to the Hayward’s and their orange grove yielded the same results, a flattened house and barn with no people in sight. I wasn’t bold enough to go searching through the rubble because I didn’t want to have the vision of what I might find continuously running through my head.
    I soon noticed that I had not seen nor heard any of the alien craft for days. Had they gone? Why had they come? I had plenty of time to ponder these questions, but without more information I really had no clue as to the answers. The next week was spent venturing out further and further from the bunker and salvaging supplies.
    As the days passed I was becoming very process oriented about my means of survival. Foods were gathered and stored and other supplies stockpiled in clockwork like fashion. With nothing else to occupy my time or mind it was good to have that one big task before me. The days of the pool and frat parties up in Detroit only seemed like something that I had seen on TV eons ago. I didn’t have a care in the world then and the only worries were about where and when the next kegger was to be held.
    My worries were of my daily survival. I couldn’t help but wonder if Renee had made it through and how she might be faring. I could picture Eunice with her friends, spreading a doyly out on a fallen tree before sitting down to bicker about these crass aliens and their noisy rumbling ships. The thought of that gave me my first good laugh since the attack had all come about. My thoughts then turned back to Renee and along with that my somber survivalist mood returned.
    The next day I ventured out to the main roadway in front of my home. I hadn’t heard a car since I first went in the bunker. Looking up and down the road it looked as though it was any other day. A gopher tortoise made his way slowly across without any threat of death from a vehicle. My thoughts suddenly turned to the Mercedes sitting back under the oak.
    Should I brave the roadway with the potential of getting caught out in the open in a car? Who would be there to catch me? There had been no sign of anyone for weeks. I reasoned that maybe they had come, taken what they wanted and left. A man could easily get himself trapped in the wild speculations that could occur from just thinking about it. So, I made every effort to just block those kinds of questions out, because they consumed

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