groan and she felt his cock throb inside of her. He pumped his hips
a few more times and then he shuddered against her.
    He reached behind her head and untied the
stocking and pulled off her blindfold. She blinked up at him and he
smiled. “Did you enjoy it?”
    She gave him a teasing look. “Is that all
you’ve got?”

Chapter 6
    The day after Christy had stayed with Zach,
she felt alive, yet on edge. She pushed her hair back from her face
as she looked out the storefront window to the empty street.
“Baubles and Beads” had been painted on the front window, the
letters forming an arc. She looked at her watch. Early evening,
almost time to close, and he was going to pick her up.
    It was Saturday and he had wanted her to stay
with him for the day, but she had a business to run. Her store
manager was on a family trip, and the store wasn’t going to open
itself or make sales on its own. Not to mention a new employee
needed to be trained.
    A flutter went through her body at the
thought of seeing Zach. She practically bounced on her toes, the
excitement of seeing him again making her feel like she’d felt when
they’d first met. He had been walking across the street to go to a
Starbucks with one of his friends when he looked at her and their
gazes met and held. Without taking his eyes from hers, he told his
friend he would catch up with him later. And then he walked over to
    That simple. One look and the next thing she
knew they were dating. But she was young and inexperienced. When
she saw the photos they scared her. And when she confronted him
he’d been honest and told her that’s what he liked to do with
women, what he wanted to do someday with her. He said he cared
about her so much that he didn’t want to frighten her away. He
could tell by her answers to his questions that he needed to take
it slow. Finding the pictures had not been in the plan.
    It was enough to scare her into running.
    But not anymore.
    Her thoughts went back to last night and the
things Zach had said. How he would tell her how to do her makeup
and what to wear.
    She looked in one of the store mirrors and
straightened her crimson blouse and matching cashmere cardigan over
her black slacks that he had dressed her in that morning when he
took her by her house before work. Her long hair fell around her
shoulders. Her brown eyes always looked bigger when she used makeup
and she had to admit the colors he had chosen looked great on her.
Shades of gold and bronze that she hadn’t tried before, but were on
her palette.
    Her business and her independence were
important to her. But maybe that was why she liked Zach being in
control of her. She was so used to running her business and being
the one in charge and making tough decisions, that it was exciting
to have someone make all the decisions for her. Zach said he would
take care of her. He loved control, but he was not selfish. Because
he cared for her so much, something about that caused her to want
someone she could trust, someone strong, someone like Zach.
    She closed her eyes for a moment. Was she
rushing into something that she would regret later? She had told
herself she wasn’t going to jump into another relationship after
what Ted had done to her.
    This isn’t Ted. This is Zach.
    Yes, this was exactly where she wanted to
    It had been a busy day and seemed to drag on
forever, and she spent most of her time dusting the knickknacks
that crowded the store. She sold things she loved, like statues of
mythical creatures, pewter figurines of warlocks, fairies, elves,
and dragons, crystal balls, along with incense burners and every
scent of incense that she could find. She had a huge assortment of
beads for customers to make their own jewelry along with lots of
other baubles.
    As she dusted all she could think about was
Zach. She was so anxious to see him again. This time they would
have dinner at his home and then what else would he show her, do
with her, to her. She

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